List of Palm OS Devices - AlphaSmart


  • Dana -- Palm OS 4.1.2 - small "laptop" with Palm OS and a 560x160 pixel greyscale LCD

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Alpha Smart - AlphaSmart Products - Neo
... Its LCD display is 50% larger than the AlphaSmart 3000's display ... It uses the same optional NiMH battery pack as the AlphaSmart Dana ... The Neo 2 has been released by AlphaSmart, the first new design to be released after being acquired by Renaissance Learning ...
Alpha Smart - AlphaSmart Products - AlphaSmart - AlphaSmart 3000
... In January 2000, the AlphaSmart 3000 was released ... The 3000 used the same chassis as the AlphaSmart 2000, but it was now encased in translucent bondi-blue plastic, matching Apple Computer's first generation iMac ... This was meant to be a visual indication that the AlphaSmart 3000 was a USB native device, as many other USB devices were patterned using the iMac's design in the same way ...
Alpha Smart - AlphaSmart Products - Dana
2002, a radical departure from the standard AlphaSmart line was released ... (though only in 4 bit grayscale), unlike the original AlphaSmart line ... The screen is taller than that of the original AlphaSmart products, and the Dana's casing is made from opaque dark-blue plastic—a change from the iMac-esque clear blue of the AlphaSmart 3000 ...