List of Ocean's Trilogy Characters - The Women - Isabel Lahiri

Isabel Lahiri

Only mentioned in Eleven as Rusty’s ex-girlfriend, Isabel appears in Twelve as an agent for Europol living in Amsterdam specializing in major robberies, on the hunt for the Night Fox while admirably commemorating the all time master thief Gaspar LeMarque. Her expertise, it appears, comes from her estranged father, who was, in fact, LeMarque himself, a negative legacy Isabel seems to want to break away from. However, she loved Rusty too much to give him up – before he runs off. At their next meeting, when Rusty’s in Amsterdam doing a job with the Ocean crew, she is much less forgiving, and eventually chases the men all the way to Rome.

Isabel is played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Isabel and Tess do not appear in Thirteen, as Danny states it is “not their fight” (referring to the revenge on Willy Bank).

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