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Mini Games

Mini games generally have no levels and less features. As of 21 June 2011 (2011-06-21), there are 8 mini games.

Name Release date Genre Commissioner Description Levels Players
Gift Wrapped 15 Dec 2006 Puzzle None A Christmas themed game in which the player tries to guess which present is in which package. The soundtrack is a techno version of the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells." Infinity 1
Magic Touch 2007 Arcade None A game in which the player acts as Merlin. As balloons appear on the screen, the player must use their mouse to draw the shape that is on the balloon. None 1
Go! Go! UFO 08 Mar 2008 Racing None A simple racing game in which up to four players can race UFOs around three outer space tracks. The game is multi-player and only has three levels. 3 1-4
Snot Put 28 Apr 2008 Sports None A game in which the player attempts to fling a droplet of mucus as far as possible. Distances achieved are shown in meters.Super Snot Put are sequels. None 1
Cosmic Cannon! 17 May 2009 Arcade None A game featuring the same theme and soundtrack as Cheese Dreams in which the player must shoot a ball into the air, then attempt to keep it from falling off the screen as long as possible by firing other balls at it. There are references to other games, such as a Knucklehead ball, and a moon ball from Cheese Dreams. None 1
Squawk 29 Sep 2010 Arcade None A game in which the player is a parrot shaped like a ball aboard a pirate ship. It must collect as many coins as it can as they pop up and down, without getting hit by enemies. This game has no levels. Infinity 1
Test Subject Arena 15 Jun 2011 Platformer None A 2-player spin-off of the Test Subject series. The 2 players play as Blue and Green, and each must try to shoot the other player to gain some of its "goo". A player wins either when the other player runs out of goo, or by having more goo after 3 minutes are up. If the players have the same amount of goo when the time is up, it is a draw. Nitrome's first 2-player-only game. 14 2
Super Snot Put 7 June 2012 Sports None Snot Put's Sequel. None 1
Calamari 3 Sep 2012 Arcade None Calamari is Nitrome's second released multiplayer game that could be played with Facebook, and is also the first of their Facebook applications to include an offline multiplayer function that allows to players to compete on the same computer at once. None 1-2
Icebreaker: Freeze Frame 19 June 2013 Utility None Freeze Frame is a game created to promote the upcoming release of Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage. The game was released on June 18 2013. Freeze Frame allows a viewer to modify a selected image or a webcam image to make it appear as if the image is trapped in ice, like a Viking. The modified image can then be shared via email or saved to a computer.
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it's similar of Removed game Hot Air: Balloon Maker.
None 1

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