List of New Testament Latin Manuscripts - Jerome's Version

Jerome's Version

s. Name AD Content Custodian City, State Country
A Codex Amiatinus 716 NT Laurentian Library Florence Italy
C Codex Cavensis 850 Gosp–Paul; Rev Archivio della Badia della Santissima Trinità Cava de' Tirreni Italy
D Codex Durmachensis 650 Gospels Trinity College, Dublin Dublin Ireland
F Codex Fuldensis 541—46 NT de:Hochschul- und Landesbibliothek Fulda Fulda Germany
G Codex Sangermanensis 850 NT BnF Paris France
I 800 Biblioteca Vallicelliana (Italian) Rome Italy
K 850 Paul de:Badische Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe Germany
L Lectionarium Luxoviense 700 General
M Codex Mediolanensis 550 Gospels
N 450 Gospels Bibliothèque Municipale
National Library of France
P 600 Gospels
R Codex Reginensis 750 Paul Vatican Library Vatican City-State Vatican City
R 600 General Biblioteca Capitolare Verona Italy
S Codex Sangallensis 1395 450 Gospels Abbey of St. Gall St. Gallen Switzerland
S Codex Sangallensis 2 750 Acts; Rev Abbey of St. Gall St. Gallen Switzerland
S Codex Sangallensis 70 750 Paul Abbey of St. Gall St. Gallen Switzerland
S Codex Sangallensis 907 750 General Abbey of St. Gall St. Gallen Switzerland
T Codex Toletanus 950 Old Testament–NT National Library of Spain Madrid Spain
Z Codex Harleianus 550 Gospels British Museum London U.K.
Θ Codex Theodulphianus 950 Old Testament–NT Bibliothèque nationale de France Paris France
Λ Codex Legionensis Acts–Rev Basilica of San Isidoro León Spain
Codex Complutensis I Old Testament–NT Bibl. Univ. Centr. 31 Madrid Spain
Cod. M. p. th. f. 67 Gospels University of Würzburg Würzburg

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