List of National Medal of Science Laureates - Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences

  • 1963 Luis W. Alvarez
  • 1964 Julian Schwinger
  • 1965 John Bardeen, Leon M. Lederman, William Rubey
  • 1966 Jacob Bjerknes, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, John H. Van Vleck
  • 1967 Jesse Beams, Francis Birch, Gregory Breit, Louis Hammett
  • 1968 Herbert Friedman, Eugene Wigner
  • 1969 Herbert C. Brown, Wolfgang Panofsky
  • 1970 Robert H. Dicke, Allan R. Sandage, John C. Slater, John A. Wheeler
  • 1973 Maurice Ewing, Arie Jan Haagen-Smit, Frederick Seitz, Robert Rathbun Wilson
  • 1974 Nicolaas Bloembergen, William Alfred Fowler
  • 1975 Hans A. Bethe, Joseph O. Hirschfelder, Lewis Sarett, E. Bright Wilson, Chien-Shiung Wu
  • 1976 Samuel Goudsmit, Herbert S. Gutowsky, Frederick Rossini, Verner Suomi, Henry Taube, George Uhlenbeck
  • 1979 Richard P. Feynman, Herman Mark, Edward M. Purcell, John Sinfelt, Lyman Spitzer, Victor F. Weisskopf
  • 1982 Philip W. Anderson, Yoichiro Nambu, Edward Teller, Charles H. Townes
  • 1983 E. Margaret Burbidge, Maurice Goldhaber, Helmut Landsberg, Walter Munk, Frederick Reines, Bruno B. Rossi, J. Robert Schrieffer
  • 1986 Solomon J. Buchsbaum, Horace R. Crane, Herman Feshbach, Robert Hofstadter, Chen Ning Yang
  • 1987 Philip Abelson, Walter Elsasser, Paul C. Lauterbur, George Pake, James A. Van Allen
  • 1988 D. Allan Bromley, Paul (Ching-Wu) Chu, Walter Kohn, Norman F. Ramsey, Jack Steinberger
  • 1989 Arnold O. Beckman, Eugene Parker, Robert P. Sharp, Henry Stommel
  • 1990 Allan M. Cormack, Edwin M. McMillan, Robert Pound, Roger Revelle
  • 1991 Arthur L. Schawlow, Ed Stone, Steven Weinberg
  • 1992 Eugene M. Shoemaker
  • 1993 Val Fitch, Vera Rubin
  • 1994 Albert Overhauser, Frank Press
  • 1995 Hans Dehmelt, Peter Goldreich
  • 1996 Wallace S. Broecker
  • 1997 Marshall Rosenbluth, Martin Schwarzschild, George Wetherill
  • 1998 Don L. Anderson, John N. Bahcall
  • 1999 James Cronin, Leo Kadanoff
  • 2000 Willis E. Lamb, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Gilbert F. White
  • 2001 Marvin L. Cohen, Raymond Davis Jr., Charles Keeling
  • 2002 Richard Garwin, W. Jason Morgan, Edward Witten
  • 2003 G. Brent Dalrymple, Riccardo Giacconi
  • 2004 Robert N. Clayton
  • 2005 Ralph A. Alpher, Lonnie Thompson
  • 2006 Daniel Kleppner
  • 2007 Fay Ajzenberg-Selove, Charles P. Slichter
  • 2008 Berni Alder, James E. Gunn
  • 2009 Yakir Aharonov, Esther M. Conwell, Warren M. Washington

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