List of National Medal of Science Laureates - Behavioral and Social Science

Behavioral and Social Science

  • 1964 Othmar H. Ammann, Theodosius Dobzhansky, Neal Elgar Miller
  • 1968 B. F. Skinner
  • 1986 Herbert A. Simon
  • 1987 Anne Anastasi, George J. Stigler
  • 1988 Milton Friedman
  • 1990 Leonid Hurwicz, Patrick Suppes
  • 1991 Robert W. Kates, George A. Miller
  • 1992 Eleanor J. Gibson
  • 1994 Robert K. Merton
  • 1995 Roger N. Shepard
  • 1996 Paul A. Samuelson
  • 1997 William K. Estes
  • 1998 William Julius Wilson
  • 1999 Robert M. Solow
  • 2000 Gary S. Becker
  • 2001 George F. Bass
  • 2003 R. Duncan Luce
  • 2004 Kenneth J. Arrow
  • 2005 Gordon H. Bower
  • 2008 Michael I. Posner
  • 2009 Mortimer Mishkin

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