List of Mountains in Norway By Height - Location of Peaks

Location of Peaks

Most of these peaks are in the municipalities of Lom, Skjåk, Luster, and Vågå, connected to the mountain chain that reaches its prominence with Jotunheimen. There are also several peaks in Dovrefjell, Rondane, Dovre, Lesja, and Folldal that also reach above 2000 meters. All the peaks are to be found in 14 topographical maps (Norge 1:50000) published by the Norwegian government cartography office, of which 21 peaks are in 1518 II Galdhøpiggen, 18 in 1618 III Glittertinden, and 13 in 1617 IV Gjende. The northernmost is in the Dovre area, meaning there are no 2000 m peaks in northern Norway, even though there are some almost 2000 m there, and some above 2000 m in Sweden near the border.

Most of the difficult summits were ascended in the late 19th and early 20th century by a combination of Norwegian explorers, local guides (in particular the Sulheim family), and British adventurers. Five women - Margaret S. Green, Theresa Bertheau, Antonette Kamstrup, Anne Aukrust, and Rønnaug Garmo - were the first to ascend some of these peaks. Aukrust and Garmo were from farms in Lom, where many of the peaks are located. The peak most recently climbed for the first time was Veobrehesten, first ascended in 1949.

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