List of Moral Orel Episodes - Season 2: 2006–2007

Season 2: 2006–2007

# Total Title Original airdate Prod. code
1 11 "God's Image" November 13, 2006 (2006-11-13) 201
Orel's family reluctantly reunite after their proposed divorce in "The Best Christmas Ever" (though as Clay explains, its not because they've resolved anything, but to "keep up appearances" in front of the neighbors) as Orel helps the young Billy Figurelli when he gets hurt. Orel tries to put a bandage on him with the same color as God's skin but the bandage doesn't blend in with the kid's skin color. However, the bandages blend in with other kids' skin just fine. This leads Orel to prompt the city of Moralton to segregate God's people from the Figurellis, the only non-WASP, Italian-American family in the town. But this, however leads to a form of reverse racism as the family is sent to live in a large mansion outside of town and become free from the repressive theocracy that controls the city of Moralton. This angers the men in Moralton, who become jealous of the fact that the Figurelli family have a better house than they do and that their children, seeing how well the Figurellis are living, adopt their mannerisms and are dubbed "Wiggurellis". Feeling that their society is being torn apart, the citizens of Moralton have the Figurellis' house burned down and refuse to put it out. But when the fire spreads to all the other buildings in Moralton (except the church and the Figurellis' dream house), everyone roots the whole problem to Orel and teach him (after all the men in town give him a belting) that his actions made it inconvenient for the racists, and not the "racers", thus removing the need of discrimination.
2 12 "Love" November 20, 2006 (2006-11-20) 218
While at the park with his family, Orel finds a stray dog who immediately takes an attachment to Orel. After being permitted to keep him as a pet, Orel names him Bartholomew and the two become inseparable with the dog being very popular around town. Later, Reverend Putty delivers a sermon, announcing that God wants the faithful to "love Jesus more than anything else in the world." Orel takes this message to heart but soon develops a conflict, he loves his dog more than Jesus and is unsure what to do. He first goes to his father who tells him that love is merely temporary and Orel tries to distract himself. He cannot, but Doughy, whom Orel told of his problem earlier, arrives with a group of adults (who all hate the dog for the love and attention he gets from the children). They convince Orel to give up Bartholomew and the puppy is led away to its destruction. After feeling sad, Orel perks up realizing that they'll see each other in Heaven. This realization is dashed by his mother who informs him that because animals have no soul, they can't go to either Heaven or Hell and are meant to be eaten. It ends with Bloberta boiling a lobster who shrieks with agony, attracting Clay, who is excited about dinner, hearing the screams of the boiling lobster: "Something sounds delicious!"
3 13 "Satan" November 27, 2006 (2006-11-27) 204
This episode focuses on Coach Stopframe, a disloyal opportunist who offers himself to both God and Satan. Seeking help from Satan to win the heart of Orel's dad, Stopframe contacts a secret group of Satanists who will help him craft a love spell if he brings a virgin to their next meeting. Stopframe chooses Orel as the "virgin", but when he gets to the meeting, he is shocked at the truth about the Satan worshipers: the group is not the murderous disciples of Satan like Stopframe is, but instead a group of nerdy, overweight hedonists who get together to gorge themselves on junk food and have orgies. Stopframe and Orel leave the party and Stopframe resumes his ambiguous relationship with Orel's dad.
4 14 "Elemental Orel" December 4, 2006 (2006-12-04) 207
Orel solves problems using logic. After the money from collection at church is stolen, he sets out to find out who took the money, only to blame a young girl for the crime while falling for the rather over-the-top lies that the real culprit (the school bully) spins to trick Orel. But in the process, Orel discovers his parents engaging in sex games, regarding his mother cleaning another man's house as a form of "wife-swapping" his father has forced her to do with a friend, in order to gain sexual pleasure from watching her clean a stranger's home.
5 15 "Offensiveness" December 11, 2006 (2006-12-11) 210
Orel witnesses Mr. Figurelli giving Ms. Censordoll free, underfried eggs (eggs are her "only source of pleasure") to keep her from protesting his corner market. This inspires Orel to join her crusades against movies, books, and pretty much everything. Eventually, he realizes that eggs come from a "naughty place between chickens' legs" and starts protesting them being served at Figurelli's market. This angers Censordoll, but she is incapable of telling Orel to stop the protest without losing her credibility as a protestor. Censordoll reluctantly joins in the protest against her beloved eggs, causing a townwide ban on all eggs save for "sin-free" Cesarean-born eggs. The episode closes with her sneaking off to an illegal egg black market set up by a deranged farmer, who is sexually-obsessed with the way that his hens lay eggs.
6 16 "God's Blunders" December 18, 2006 (2006-12-18) 206
For questioning the school's policy of demanding students reject all forms of science in favor of forcing students to believe God is responsible for everything in the world, a classmate of Orel's is declared mentally retarded by the school and forced into a "Special Education" class, where all the kids who defy the town's theocracy with wanting to learn the truth about reality are exiled. Orel wonders why God would let people be retarded, leading to his father declaring mental retardation "God's blunders" and that people don't understand "God's blunders" because these "mistakes" are part of God's master plan that humans "can't understand." This plays out as Orel's friend becomes the defender of the other intellectual students, protecting them from Orel's other friends, who throw rocks and taunt the "retarded" students. Orel comes to his friend's defense and convinces the school to not hate the "retarded" but pity them instead.
7 17 "Pleasure" January 8, 2007 (2007-01-08) 202
Orel takes Reverend Putty's puritanical sermon against earthly pleasures to heart and begins eliminating all things he enjoys from his life, which is all his good deeds. After a good deed-free day, Orel has a wet dream in which God congratulates him on being good, and he wakes up to find he has had a wet dream. Seeking Putty's advice, the Reverend tells Orel to inflict pain on himself to stop whatever "impure thoughts" gave him his pleasure, which Orel realizes is worshiping God. He begins physically abusing himself with crushed glass, barbed wire, and rocks each time he thinks about God, which is frequently. Eventually, he meets a fellow self-abuser, actually a masochist, who shows Orel the "Glory Hallelujah Hole", a Christianity-themed Sadism & Masochism club, which he joins and there comes to enjoy pain. That night, he has another wet dream in which God spanks him for being "bad", so he tries to consult his father. Clay is angry, but then realizes that he can't use his belt on Orel as usual because Orel would enjoy it. He explains to Orel that unless he learns to fear pain again, he can't learn any lessons.
8 18 "The Lord's Prayer" January 15, 2007 (2007-01-15) 211
A new family, the Posabules, moves in next door and initially everyone gets along, with Orel being smitten with their daughter, Christina. However, the families have a falling out over the interpretation of the Lord's Prayer with the new family advocating forgiving debt and the Puppington's advocating forgiving trespassing. As a result, the parents become bitterly estranged and Orel is banned from seeing Christina. However, Orel and Christina meet up in secret, but fearful of the consequences of going against tradition, he runs away from her. After a meeting with Reverend Putty, Orel is told that if he goes against the Lord's Prayer, he'll go to Hell. In the end, Christina moves away with her family and they take Shapey, whom no one noticed had been taken accidentally the entire episode.
9 19 "Holy Visage" January 22, 2007 (2007-01-22) 203
While on a class field trip, Orel befriends a Jewish doctor named Dr. Chosenberg. However, after placing a spiky wooden bobble-head Jesus doll in front of Mr. Figuerelli while he's driving the bus, Figuerelli barely avoids an accident but in the process, Dr. Chosenberg is badly injured when the Jesus doll embeds itself in his side. Upon recovery, Dr. Chosenberg is horrified to learn that because the wound looks like Jesus, they consider it a miracle and no one will treat him or his terrible pain. Despite his pleas for reason and sanity, the doctor responds by having Nurse Bendy sedate him. Dr. Chosenberg becomes even more horrified when patients with contagious and fatal disease are kissing, breathing, and coughing on the wound in the hopes that it will heal them, and everyone in town is lined up to see it. After attempting to suture the wound himself, his arms are restrained. In two days, Chosenberg's condition worsens and he desperately turns to Orel for help. Conflicted, he wants to help but is afraid that would be a sign of losing faith, Orel turns to his father who tells him to simply "lie to himself." In the end, Orel decides to leave the Jesus bobble-head on a medicine cart and pushes it next to Dr. Chosenberg. With the medicines in reach, Chosenberg manages to concoct an antidote and uses his Star of David to get the medicine onto the wound. The next morning, Orel and Clay are surprised to discover that the wound has healed. When Orel claims the bobble head is a miracle, Clay tells him that it was made deliberately to look like Jesus and thus cannot be considered a miracle, only accidents can. Clay then quickly discovers that the medicine bottles are arranged to look like Jesus. Claiming it a miracle, Clay grabs the foot powder to treat his foot ailment while Orel correctly guesses that Dr. Chosenberg did it himself.
10 20 "Be Fruitful and Multiply" January 29, 2007 (2007-01-29) 213
While purchasing a new belt for his father, Orel runs into Reverend Putty at Mr. Figurelli's store. Putty, annoyed, shoos Orel away and happily purchases a new heart-shaped waste basket to replace one that was stolen years ago. Orel then heads over to the sex shop where Stephanie works and attempts to convince her to come to church. To his surprise, she agrees to go and then examines a picture of Putty in private. The scene switches to Putty's bedroom where he angrily and desperately pleads with God to provide him a woman and then masturbates to unconsciousness. The next day, Stephanie comes in, much to Reverend Putty's delight, and after a less-than-subtle sermon regarding procreation, he is very happy when he and Stephanie make a lunch date. His joy though is squashed when Stephanie reveals that she is his daughter. Her mother had stalked Reverend Putty for weeks and stole a sperm sample from his wastebasket. After wallowing in sorrow over yet another failed chance to lose his virginity, Putty consults Orel and after an inspiring sermon from Orel about what brings him joy, Putty comes around and he and Stephanie agree to become father-daughter.
11 21 "Praying" April 30, 2007 (2007-04-30) 208
Orel is entered into a praying competition against the Begging Mantises, an extremely powerful team of prayers with a record of 50 wins to 0 losses. In order to train him, he is forced to practice praying every day; however, halfway into the training sessions, he is no longer able to pray, as forcing himself to pray causes him incredible pain. Desperate, he attempts to pray at a local park to God for help on praying, and an ad for Buried Pleasures, Stephanie's sex shop, blows into his face. Convinced that God had sent him there as the answer, an obviously-stressed Orel goes to Stephanie for advice, who gives him a pack of incense and a vinyl disc containing Buddhist chants, telling him that he can use it to relax. Orel plays the disc in his room, lighting the incense, and finds that meditation serves him well in helping him relax. Meanwhile, Clay comes home and Bloberta tells him that Principal Fakey has called for him. It is revealed that there are a lot of bets made for Orel to win. Clay finds Orel meditating and promptly admonishes him for using Buddhism at all, citing it as a "Communist cult" that allows any religion under the sun, then explains to Orel about the concept of dogma as restrictions on religion, stating that "It sounds cute enough to make you want to throw it a bone." The day of the praying competition comes, and it is shown that the Begging Mantises are very, very tough; one competitor is shown walking off the stage with heavily bleeding hands. The competition begins as both Orel and the leader of the Begging Mantises start praying with an obviously large amount of effort. Dogma literally starts stressing Orel as the heads of Clay, Fakey, Putty, and the nurse, all on dog bodies, start verbally attacking Orel. Orel then throws an imaginary bone at the dogs and while watching the dogs run towards it, he is transported into his own Nirvana, where he converses with the Buddha. Orel accepts that he can use Buddhist techniques in order to become a good Christian, and the Buddha's face slowly transforms into Orel's face as Orel becomes "awake". The Buddha tells Orel to not tell anyone else in Moralton, then is absorbed into Orel as the viewers are taken back to the real world, where Orel is calm, but Clay is looking extremely mad. However, the Begging Mantis member is horribly stressed out and he collapses, and Orel is declared the winner. Clay transforms from angry to happy and joins the crowd in cheer as Orel's friends crowd near him to congratulate him. The scene ends with Orel still in meditative pose, slightly levitating from the ground, as he slowly uncrosses his legs, sets himself back on Earth, and joins his friends.
12 22 "Repression" May 7, 2007 (2007-05-07) 205
Principal Fakey's affair with Nurse Bendy continually leaves him with horrible guilt that becomes harder and harder for him to bear. Fakey continually confides his problems and concerns about his affair to a less-than-receptive Reverend Putty, who lives on Fakey's embellished details. When Fakey refuses to divulge and begs for guidance, Putty abandons Fakey in disgust, leaving Orel to provide guidance. Having received earlier advice from his father about how authority figures are above the law and thus not responsible, Orel provides the same guidance to Fakey, concluding that if a man in Fakey's position is free of sin, then he is not actually guilty of anything. This leads Fakey to confidently continue his affair with Nurse Bendy until he receives some shattering news—he has gonorrhea. Although the STD was clearly contracted from Bendy, the earlier guidance leads Fakey to assume that his wife was responsible and promptly throws her out of the house, ending their marriage. Having witnessed the dissolution of the Fakey's marriage and feeling responsible, Orel comes to Putty, only for Putty to abandon him when he learns that "Mrs. Fakey is a free agent," and tells Orel to use the same advice he gave to Fakey. Orel does and skips off happily.
13 23 "Turn the Other Cheek" May 21, 2007 (2007-05-21) 214
After listening to a Christian-themed children's record extolling the virtues of turning the other cheek even in the face of a beating, Orel takes this advice to heart when he is confronted and beaten up by Walt, the school bully. Believing in showing strength by being weak, Orel continually gets beaten up by Walt everyday until Bloberta complains to Clay about the blood on Orel's clothes and that she would need to double her detergent budget. Fearful, Clay finds Orel in the front yard and tells him that God actually wants him to be healthy and defend himself to fight for God and recommends that Orel show the bully "how to turn the other cheek." Seeing this as a way to teach the Bible, Orel knocks out Walt after he confronts Doughy and makes a fist. Orel is initially praised but the praise turns to fear as Orel starts automatically pummeling anyone forming a fist, including Doughy after he throws "rock" in rock, paper, scissors. Everything culminates when Orel savagely beats his mom and dad. In his father's study in the aftermath, Clay tells Orel that he isn't going to be punished as Orel was following Clay's advice at the time and any punishment would be "admitting wrongness." The episode ends with the two of them in the study, standing and squirming in uncomfortable silence.
14 24 "Geniusis" May 28, 2007 (2007-05-28) 215
While on a Pious Scouts trip in an artificial forest, Orel and Doughy are first told about the "evils" of Darwinism when they stumble across a hominid frozen in a block of ice. After thawing it, Orel considers the Missing Link to be his new friend. After he runs amok in a church bake sale, however, the town insists on forcibly educating the caveman on Christian dogma and Moralton thinking in general. After re-education and a complete grooming change, the Missing Link becomes "Link McMissons"—a now popular right-wing talk radio host. His star, however, quickly falls when debating a scientist on the Theory of Evolution, he is confronted with his own background. The citizens of Moralton riot and soon capture Link and lock him in a church freezer, where they leave and go drink at Forghetty's. Forgotten, Link is once again frozen and not discovered until one million years later when an Orel look-a-like, Zorel is retrieving pastries for Reverend Flashwing's bake sale. A scale up reveals that Moralton has completely taken over the United States, and the U.S. is the only country remaining on Earth. Perhaps less noteworthy, it can also be observed that "this future" displays no suggestion of any technological advancement that would be expected over the passage of time, which in itself may be a jab at the idea that the blind following of dogma inhibits the advancement of society.
15 25 "Courtship" June 4, 2007 (2007-06-04) 217
While staying over at Doughy's house, Orel unwittingly leads Doughy to realize the neglect he experiences at the hands of his parents, especially that they never call him "son". Though Doughy quickly perks up thanks to denial and a free ice cream from Mr. Creepler, though Doughy spurns Creepler's invitation to explore his van. The next day, Ms. Sculptham returns papers and compliments Doughy's "C-", calling him "son", though in a condescending fashion. Happy with the praise, Doughy quickly forms an attachment to Ms. Sculptham that develops into a massive crush. Using the money saved up from the years of half-hearted parenting from his father, Doughy gives Ms. Sculptham a necklace and he instantly becomes her favorite pupil—though her favor does not extend beyond circling Doughy's "F" with a heart. However, things turn rocky when Doughy runs out of money and Ms. Sculptham instantly scorns him. Desperate for help, Orel suggests that Doughy should manipulate Mr. Creepler into giving him expensive gifts that he can then pass on to Ms. Sculptham. Unsure if this is an acceptable practice, Orel asks his mother who tells him that women should receive everything from their husbands and denies that the Bible states, "It is better to give than to receive." With Mr. Creepler lavishing gifts on him, Doughy quickly regains Ms. Sculptham's favor, even taking her to Paris. Realizing however that his love would never be reciprocated, Doughy decides to do what he felt he should have done from the very beginning—get into the back of Mr. Creepler's van. The encounter is short-lived when Doughy flees in disgust and announces that he is giving up romance forever. The episode ends with Doughy left alone on his stoop while his parents make out in the living room.
16 26 "School Pageant" June 11, 2007 (2007-06-11) 209
Six months after the breakup of the folk-trio, the Crucifolk, the long-forgotten bass player—Mr. Armiture, resurfaces at Diaroma Elementary with his universally-ignored musical, Crooning Jesus. Orel eagerly auditions hoping to get the role of Jesus, but is devastated to learn that not only did Junior Christein win the role of Jesus (with his magnificent voice and powerful connections), but that he would be playing the role of Judas. With Orel threatening to back out, Mr. Armiture wins Orel over with this argument—if it weren't for Judas, there would be no Christianity and that he could be considered one of Christianity's biggest "heroes". The night of the play is a tense affair for Mr. Armiture, as not only is Junior's Broadway-producer Uncle Bernie in attendance, but so were the infinitely more popular 2/3's of the Crucifolk—Lily and Leaf. The show goes over badly, although Junior performs well, the audience not only does not like that Orel isn't Jesus but they're all simply bored by it. Orel's performance though, a lavish song and dance which was a hateful diatribe against Jesus is received quite favorably among the town and the show is considered a success except to Mr. Armiture, who is informed by Bernie that if it weren't for the Judas number, the play would be "forgettable". His point is proven three weeks later with everyone in town singing "I Hate You, Jesus"—even Reverend Putty leads the congregation joyously singing. The episode ends with Orel realizing what the implications of the song were. This is the first episode since the Christmas special that did not feature the regular opening title music.
17 27 "Presents for God" June 25, 2007 (2007-06-25) 216
Reverend Putty delivers a sermon extolling how lost souls are "God's presents" before descending into self-pity over the town's repression. Wanting to cheer Reverend Putty up, Orel and Doughy venture into the nearby town of Sinville where they encounter massive partying and Catholics. Orel and Doughy are soon steered towards a brothel, where they in turn send three prostitutes to Putty for them to be "saved". Very grateful over the encounter, a relaxed and cigarette-smoking Putty thanks Orel and suggests that "every Christian should experience such glory." Taking his words literally, Orel steers the prostitutes of Sinville to Moralton and sets up a service for people to "save their souls." With the vast population of lonely and repressed men eagerly taking advantage of the service, Orel and Doughy soon rake in over $4,000 while the town experiences a massive outbreak of STD's. While setting up a rendezvous, Clay finds out Orel is behind the prostitution ring and orders him into his one hour, Clay then resumes making the arrangements with a now unnerved Orel as the show draws to an end.
18 28 "Orel's Movie Premiere" July 2, 2007 (2007-07-02) 220
Orel holds a premiere in his backyard in front of his family and almost all of Moralton's authority figures. Using exceptionally crude stop-motion and a voice-over script, Orel and Doughy recreate the events of "The Lord's Greatest Gift", "God's Chef", and "Charity". Joe, however, gets restless and seizes the microphones and uses this opportunity to berate and insult everyone in attendance. The audience, already perturbed by the events and their portrayals on screen (with the exception of Coach Stopframe) take it in silence while Orel bemoans Joe's actions and ends the show by absentmindedly wondering about misinterpretation while holding the Bible.
19 29 "Nature (Part 1)" July 9, 2007 (2007-07-09) 212
The episode starts off with Orel and his father wrapping up another lecture session in his father's study. Orel then noticed his father's hunting trophy, prompting Clay to take him on his first hunting trip. After a viewing of Clay's large arms hallway, Orel is gifted with (and then relieved of) Ol' Gunny, the family pistol. After this, they head off to the Moralton Nature Reserve. The trip quickly turns sour however as Clay immediately begins drinking while Orel has trouble with the idea of killing an animal. Frustrated with Orel's lack of action when a deer licks him, an inebriated Clay shoots the deer and then proceeds to kill a hunting dog he mistakes for a rabbit. Tensions escalate that night as Clay gloats over his kill (and roasts the dog on a spit and eats it) while Orel is alarmed at how drunk Clay is. Put off at Orel's suggestion that he is too drunk to hunt, Clay goes off on a wild rant cursing women and then grows horribly and disturbingly despondent about his life. During this time, a terrified Orel accidentally fires the pistol he is holding and shouts "Dad!" as the episode ends with "To be continued."
20 30 "Nature (Part 2)" July 16, 2007 (2007-07-16) 219
After a recap of the events in Part One, Part Two opens to reveal that Orel did not shoot Clay, but destroyed his remaining two liquor bottles. For the first time in the series, Orel directly confronts his father, screaming "You become a bad person when you drink!" Clay is furious and attempts to punish Orel with his belt, but is too drunk to remove it properly. Giving up, Clay decides to "make Orel a man" and grabs his rifle and accidentally shoots Orel in the leg. Rather glibly, Clay blames the incident on Orel while Orel begs for help. Clay fashions a crude tourniquet from the sleeve of Orel's lucky shirt, then drinks all the rubbing alcohol Orel had brought along. At this, Orel declares, "I hate you," and Clay responds with a smarmy "Hate away" before passing out. A bear soon comes along, attracted by the smell of the roasting dog carcass, and turns its attention to Clay; Orel is forced to shoot the bear in order to save his father. Clay revives from his drunken slumber the next morning, only to ask Orel for his sleeping bag to cover his eyes from the Sun. Clay then returns to sleep for thirteen hours. Afterwards, Clay awakens refreshed but with no memory of the previous night. When he sees the bear carcass, Clay turns to Orel and asks him if he killed the bear, saying "Make me proud, Son, and tell me you killed that bear yourself." After some thought, Orel lies to Clay and says that Clay was one that killed the bear. Clay, confused, accepts the lie and takes Orel to Doctor Potterswheel. Back in his room and being fed bacon and eggs by Bloberta (under Doctor Potterswheel's advice that fatty foods will help his leg clot), Orel asks her why she married Clay. Bloberta responds, "Why not?" Orel expresses his concerns that his father "changes" when he is drunk. Bloberta blithely remarks that that his father doesn't change, but his "true nature" emerges when he is drunk. The episode ends with Orel quietly eating his food while the blue bird seen following him in part one looks on from the tree branch outside. The episode was dedicated to John Cassavetes.

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