List of Monkey Dust Characters - Series Two - Omar, Abdul and Shafiq, The Incompetent Terrorists

Omar, Abdul and Shafiq, The Incompetent Terrorists

Omar, a former privileged public schoolboy, is a fanatical Islamist and a member of a terrorist organisation he calls 'The International Revolutionary Jihad for the Liberation of the Islamic Republic of Great Britain'. His cell is based in West Bromwich in the West Midlands in the UK and is bent on "unleashing a reign of terror the like of which the world has only dreamed about in its foulest nightmares." Omar has recruited two teenage boys, Abdul and Shafiq, to carry out suicide bombings in the name of Allah - but through various comical misadventures, their plans always fail.

The effectiveness of their terror campaign is somewhat undermined by the fact that Abdul and Shafiq seem to take their jihad for granted and treat it with the same offhandedness as the mundane details of their daily lives such as sport (their beloved West Bromwich Albion F.C.) and television (shows such as Room 101 and Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes), and also because Abdul and Shafiq (and Omar to a lesser degree) are so very much a part of the Western culture and lifestyle they are attempting to defeat. Omar suffers much of this, but often reveals he too finds the fate of West Bromwich Albion F.C. to be just as serious a matter as the liberation of anyone, and just as likely to dictate when and how his terrorist attacks take place – usually in order to avoid missing a game. As the series progressed, it became more and more apparent that Omar was just as immature and insincere in his hatred for the west as his two underlings, and this was highlighted by the introduction of one of his superiors in a later episode (during which the instruction to "come under cover of darkness" was misinterpreted, resulting in the IRJLIRGB arriving dressed as the British rock group The Darkness).

It is possible the inspiration for this depiction of radical Islamicist ideology in the midst of otherwise normal modern British life comes from the detention of the so-called Tipton Three at Camp X-Ray. In Monkey Dust's sketches, Omar the ringleader is said to come from Tipton, where the jihad is taken "dead serious".

There are similarities between this sketch and the film Four Lions.

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