List of Modern Conflicts in North Africa - List of Conflicts

List of Conflicts

Date Conflict Location Casualties
1919 Egyptian Revolution of 1919 Sultanate of Egypt 800-3,000
1920-1926 Rif War Republic of the Rif 40,000-46,400
1939–1945 Mediterranean, Middle East and African theatres of World War II Kingdom of Egypt 1,000,000
1945 1945 Tripoli pogrom British Tripolitania 140
1946 Egyptian Student Riots Kingdom of Egypt 100–300
1952 Egyptian Revolution of 1952 Egypt 1,000
1952-1954 Tunisian War of Independence Tunisia 2,500
1953-1956 Moroccan War of Independence Morocco 3,000
1955-1972 First Sudanese Civil War Sudan 500,000
1954-1962 Algerian War of Independence Algeria 179,000-1,500,000
1957-1958 Ifni War Morocco 8,400
1961 Bizerte crisis Tunisia 654
1961-1964 First Tuareg rebellion Mali Niger
1963-1964 1963 Algerian civil war Algeria 1,500
1963-1964 Sand War Morocco, Algeria 339
1965-1979 Civil war in Chad Chad 500+
1975- Western Sahara conflict Mauritania, Morocco, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic 14,000-21,000
1977 Libyan–Egyptian War Egypt, Libya 500
1977 1977 Egyptian Bread Riots Egypt 70–800
1978-1987 Chadian–Libyan conflict Libya, Chad 8,500
1979-1982 Civil conflict in Chad Chad
1982-2002 Chadian Civil War Chad 37,500
1983-2005 Second Sudanese Civil War Sudan 600,000-2,500,000
1986 Bombing of Libya (1986) Libya 100
1986 1986 Egyptian Conscription Riot Egypt 107
1987 Executions by Abu Nidal's organization Libya 150-160
1990-1995 Tuareg Rebellion (1990–1995) Mali Niger 650-1,500
1992–2000 Terrorism in Egypt Egypt 1,300–2,000
1992-2002 Algerian Civil War Algeria 100,000-200,000
2001-2002 Black Spring (Kabylie) Algeria 123
2002- Insurgency in the Maghreb Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Niger, Mali 6,000
2003-2009 War in Darfur Sudan 100,000-330,000
2005-2010 Civil war in Chad (2005–2010) Chad Sudan 1,140
2007-2009 Tuareg Rebellion (2007–2009) Mali Niger 350-1,330
2009- Sudanese nomadic conflicts Sudan South Sudan 3,000-3,500
2010– Arab Spring Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, SADR 26,400-31,400
2011- Sudan–SPLM-N conflict Sudan 1,500
2012- 2012 insurgency in northern Mali Mali 105-117

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