List of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray Characters - Three Ships Alliance - Others - Phantom Pain/81st Autonomous Mobile Group

Phantom Pain/81st Autonomous Mobile Group

  • Matisse Aducarf
Natural; The sister of Matias, Matisse commands a Phantom Pain detachment on behalf of Logos which includes the captured RGX-00 Testament and RGX-04 Proto Saviour, both piloted by brainwashed Coordinators. Matisse ensures that the Break the World terrorist attack will succeed by interfering with a Junk Guild operation to stop it, and may also have manipulated the Patrick Zala loyalists into carrying out the attack in the first place. Matisse is killed when her brother Matias activates the self-destruct of her Girty Lue-class flagship, completing his betrayal of Logos.
  • Stella Loussier (ステラ・ルーシェ, Sutera Rūshe?)
  • Auel Neider (アウル・ニーダ, Auru Nīda?)
  • Sting Oakley (スティング・オークレー, Sutingu Ōkurē?)

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