List of Minor The Mighty Boosh Characters - A - Alan (The Blue King)

Alan (The Blue King)

Appears in Fountain of Youth. The diminutive leader of the native Xooberon tribe. His head extends upwards under his hat. He is balding, but wears a rather pathetic comb-over. He kills anyone who comes searching for the Fountain of Youth. Howard and Vince are spared as Vince has the amulet, making him the Chosen One. Alan possesses a lustful obsession for the Chosen One, going so far as to cut off his own hand, gift-wrapping it and giving it to Vince as a present. Howard, on the other hand, was made a slave after mocking Alan's short stature. After Howard loses the amulet, Alan buries them to their necks in the desert sand. Played by Rich Fulcher on his knees.

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