List of Minor Recurring Characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation - Kurn - Deep Space Nine

Kurn next appears in the Deep Space Nine episode "Sons of Mogh".

After being forced from the council, Kurn found that he had lost the will to live. Kurn then went to Deep Space Nine, to ask his brother to kill him in order to restore his honor. Worf tried to fulfill Kurn's request, but was stopped by Jadzia Dax and Odo. Captain Sisko was furious over this, and forbade Worf from taking Kurn's life. Worf was then forced to try to get Kurn to regain his will to live. Odo agreed to make Kurn a member of the station security force. Kurn soon discovered a visitor was smuggling illegal items, the smuggler raised his gun at Kurn. In a twist of suicide by cop, despite having the ability to easily disarm the criminal, Kurn did nothing, and allowed himself to be shot. Because a man with a death wish was a danger to himself and everyone else, Odo dismissed him from the security force. At about the same time, the Klingons were discovered attempting to mine the Bajoran system. Worf recruited Kurn to go onto a Klingon ship docked at the station, and they were able to uncover information about the mining program.

Realizing that his brother would never recover from his losses, Worf allowed Dr. Julian Bashir to erase most of Kurn's memory. The procedure was a success, Kurn remembered nothing of his past life when he woke up. Worf contacted an old family friend, Noggra, who agreed to take Kurn in as his son. Noggra told Kurn that he had suffered an accident that erased most of his memory, and that his name is Rodek.

A subsequent non-canon novel series (I.K.S. Gorkon) shows Kurn, in his new identity, continuing to serve the Klingon Empire on a ship named for Chancellor Gorkon.

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