List of Minor Emmerdale Characters (2008) - Danielle Hutch

Danielle Hutch
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Nicola Stapleton
Introduced by Anita Turner
Duration 2008, 2009
First appearance 23 September 2008
Last appearance 3 March 2009
Classification Former; recurring

Danielle Hutch is a friend of Eli Dingle. She appeared from 2008 to 2009.

Danielle first appears in 2008 when Eli nearly runs her over on a road near Emmerdale. They previously knew each other, and had been romantically involved. She stays at the Dingles' house overnight, but Debbie soon finds her with cocaine in her bag. She is later arrested when caught by PC Shane Doyle and taken to London.

Danielle reappears in November 2008 when she is spotted working for the McFarlane's, a local criminal family, who paid Doyle to work for them. She warns Jasmine Thomas, who is trying to do some investigative journalism, to stay away from Shane and the McFarlanes. Danielle also helps the Dingles rescue Aaron Livesy from the McFarlanes' house. In February 2009, Danielle arrives in the same prison wing as Debbie Dingle, who has been charged with murdering Shane Doyle. When Eli visits, she explains that after helping the Dingles, the McFarlanes set her up by planting things on her. Eli persuades Danielle to have a fight with Debbie, so they both get sent to hospital. The following week, Eli and Marlon dress up and knock out the officers guarding Debbie and Danielle. Debbie refuses to go with them, but Danielle escapes. However, the following day, the police catch her just as her bus is about to depart.

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