List of Minor Blandings Characters - Hugo Carmody

Hugo Carmody

A tall and lissome man with light hair, a keen and talented dancer and a confirmed gossip, Hugo Carmody is an old friend of Ronnie Fish, with whom he first appears in Money for Nothing; the two of them found a nightclub, "The Hot Spot", just off Bond Street, which goes bust, in part due to some after-hours trading.

Ronnie, before being taken off to Biarritz by his mother Lady Julia to recuperate, insists on Hugo being given a job, so he becomes Lord Emsworth's secretary, a few weeks before the start of Summer Lightning. While at Blandings, Hugo falls in love with, and becomes secretly engaged to, Millicent Threepwood, Lord Emsworth's niece. Their relationship runs into trouble, however, when Hugo visits London and takes his old friend Sue Brown out dancing, but all is later resolved, thanks to a purloined pig and the heroic Beach.

Despite needing to work for Emsworth in the short term, Hugo's long-term security is assured, thanks to an inheritance due to him on the death of his uncle Lester Carmody. At University, he boxed in the light-weight division.

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