List of Members of The Virginia House of Burgesses - H


  • John Halloway • Richard Hardy (burgess) • Ambrose Harmer • Charles Harmer • John Harris (burgess) • Thomas Harris (burgess) • Benjamin Harrison, Jr. • Benjamin Harrison III • Benjamin Harrison IV • Benjamin Harrison V • Henry Harrison (burgess) • Nathaniel Harrison • Henry Hartwell • Thomas Harwood • William Harwood • Thomas Hawkins (burgess) • Thomas Hayrick • James Henry (Continental Congress) • Patrick Henry • Edward Hill (politician) • Edward Hill, Jr. • John Hite • Thomas Hite • Gabriel Holland • John Holloway (Virginia politician) • James Holt (burgess) • Rice Hooe • Warham Horsmanden • Francis Hough (burgess) • John Howe (burgess) • Joseph Hutchings • William Hutchison (burgess) * Lynaugh Helm

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