List of Medieval Slavic Tribes - East Slavs

East Slavs

  • Buzhans, (alternatively identified as West Slavs)
  • Dregovichs same with Draguvites, ancestors of Belarusians
  • Drevlyans, ancestors of Ukrainians and Belarusians
  • Dulebes, ancestors of Belarusians
  • Goryuns, modern ethnic group within Russia
  • Ilmen Slavs, ancestors of Russians
  • Krivichs, ancestors of Russians and Belarusians
  • Novgorod Slovenians, ancestors of Russians
  • Polans (eastern), ancestors of Ukrainians
  • Polochans, ancestors of Belarusians
  • Radimichs, ancestors of Russians (reported as Lekhitic tribe)
  • Severians (also South-Slavic), ancestors of Russians
  • Tivertsi, conquered by the Volhynians, and then by the Varangians, ancestors of Ukrainians and Romanians
  • Ulichs, conquered by the Volhynians, and then by the Varangians, ancestors of Ukrainians and Romanians
  • Volhynians, conquered by the Varangians, ancestors of Ukrainians, and the Ruthenians
  • Vyatichs, ancestors of Russians (reported as Lekhitic tribe)

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