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Blakbeetle is one of the most powerful Kilobots ever manufactured. She was accepted as Kam's Kilobot after successfully defeating 99 Kilobots, the last of which damaged her left eye. Unlike the other Kilobots, Blakbeetle can think and has feelings, thanks to the unique programming in her Neo Ex Medal. She was originally conceived by Kam as a part of an experiment that involved endowing Kilobots with the Medaforce, with this being the reason Blakbeetle has thoughts and feelings.

Her design is very similar to Metabee's own design, except that she is mostly black and gray with some yellow parts. She also has a sort of "eyepatch", to cover her destroyed left eye, until it is repaired in the last episode.

Despite being designed as a Kilobot, Blakbeetle acts more similar to a Medabot: her actions are heavily reliant on her thoughts and emotions. She is not above making wisecracks in the middle of robattles, and she wishes to be Kam's friend more than anything. She usually showed pleasure in destroying her opponents, she expressed distress upon the idea that Kam didn't care for her, and told Kam that she didn't want to become Gryphon, out of fear of losing herself.

In the very last episodes, she is ultimately forced to become Gryphon, and, true to her fears, she became Kam's mindless puppet. After a brutal robattle, the Kilobot factory is destroyed, and Blakbeetle manages to surface in the body of Gryphon to save Kam. In the end, when Kam is hospitalized, she comes to visit him. She gives Kam some flowers and his watch, telling him that she's anxious to fight with him again, as his friend.

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List Of Medabots Characters - Characters of Medabots Spirit (Medabot Damashii) - Kam Kamazaki - Gryphon
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