List of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Faculty - National Medal of Science - Current Faculty

Current Faculty

Name Department Year Citation Notes
Mildred S. Dresselhaus Physics & EECS 1990 Engineering - "For her studies of the electronic properties of metals and semimetals, and for her service to the Nation in establishing a prominent place for women in physics and engineering." ,
Ann M. Graybiel Biology 2001 Biological Sciences - "For her pioneering contributions to the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the brain, including the structure, chemistry, and function of the pathways subserving thought and movement."
Stephen J. Lippard Chemistry 2004 Chemistry - "For pioneering research in bioinorganic chemistry, which enriched our understanding of how metal compounds interact with DNA, provided important synthetic models for the active sites of metalloproteins, and elucidated key structural and mechanistic features of methane monooxygenase."
Alexander Rich Biology 1995 Biological Sciences - "For his numerous fundamental contributions to our knowledge of the structure and function of DNA and RNA, the central information carriers in living systems."
Philip A. Sharp Biology 2004 Biological sciences - "For his contributions to understanding the biochemical pathway of RNA interference phenomena and for his use of RNA interference techniques to perform genetic analyses in mammalian cells." ,
Isadore M. Singer Mathematics 1983 Mathematics & Computer Science - "For his inspired revival of differential geometry and its connections to analysis; for his contribution to the discovery and applications of the index theorem for differential operators; and for his leadership in using geometric and topological methods in connection with theoretical physics." ,
Kenneth N. Stevens EECS 1999 Engineering - "For his leadership and pioneering contributions to the theory of acoustics of speech production and perception, development of mathematical methods of analysis and modeling to study the acoustics of speech production, and establishing the contemporary foundations of speech science."
Robert A. Weinberg Biology 1997 Biological Sciences - "For his contribution to the identification of cellular oncogenes and their role in cancer, which led to a better understanding of the molecular basis for cancer and its diagnosis and therapy."

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