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Delphi (Pantheon)

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Delphi is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. She was created by Peter David and Dale Keown, and first appeared in Incredible Hulk #379.

Delphi is one of the members of the Pantheon. Delphi can predict the future which she usually does in the nude while looking into her gazing pool. Her teammate, Walter Charles the second Pantheon member to use the codename Ulysses, has harbored feelings for Delphi for several years. Delphi often speaks in riddles. She was born the same day Ulysses officially joined the group.

Delphi's riddles sometimes cause trouble for her Pantheon allies. When the rogue Jason returns, she cautions the Hulk to watch out for 'the green monster'. Thinking that she means his more bestial side, the Hulk does not pay attention when the battle leads to the "Green Monster", a real-life structure in Fenway Park. A magical portal hidden inside sucks in the Hulk and many of his allies.

In the Marvel Holiday Special (1993), Delphi confronts the newly widowed Pantheon technician William Jenkins, still mourning his wife lost dead in a car accident. She says "Your life's sorrow, you would leave, upon a shining Christmas eve". Jenkins takes this to mean he should commit suicide on Christmas Eve. The Hulk convinces him not to go through with it and later angrily confronts Delphi. She states that what happened was meant to be, that "you have free will in matters of faith. You do not choose your life, but rather how to live it."

The Hulk does not believe any of this, stating it to be a 'crock', but he is cheered by a vision he has in Delphi's pool, of him kissing his beloved Betty Banner.

Delphi has chosen to remain pure of body (i.e. a virgin) to retain her psychic gift. Her mother Andromeda had been the seer for the Pantheon until she became pregnant thus losing her gift. Delphi's father Jason the Renegade left the Pantheon after Agamemnon ordered him to kill the original Ulysses. That task later fell to Achilles.

Delphi left the group to live with her mother Andromeda shortly before Agamemnon's death.

Delphi possesses the powers of clairvoyance. Like the other Pantheon members, Delphi has a healing factor.

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