List of Marvel Comics Characters: C - Cassiopea

Cassiopea aka Cassie is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. She was created by Peter David and Gary Frank, and first appeared in Incredible Hulk #413.

Cassie and her father Perseus were members of the super hero family the Pantheon. They are led by the ancient Agamemnon. Cassie has the ability to absorb and re-channel most forms of energy, sometimes referred to as 'starbolts'. Cassie leaves the Pantheon for sometime, to indulge her 'free spirit'. After the death of her father, the Hulk, who was in temporary command of the Pantheon, orders her return. Ulysses tracks down Cassie and persuades her to come home.

Cassie has a deep attraction to her teammate (and relative) Hector. Cassie refuses to accept that he is gay and often hits on him, despite his oft-repeated protestations that he does not enjoy this attention.

Cassie has participated in some Pantheon missions. She partners with Hector in Boston during the hunt for a youthified Agamemnon and the renegade Pantheon member Jason. She also travels to space with a Pantheon squad to bring back the kidnapped Atalanta. It is learned that Atalanta had been kidnapped by the lovestruck alien Trauma, the son of the ancient being who had given Agamemnon his immortality and other resources in the first place. This, in return for the taking of any of Pantheon descendants. Despite this, Atalanta is rescued.

The full depth of Agamemnon's insanity finally revealed, he is put on trial in his true form, that of a male teenager. During the trial, Agamemnon summons the 'Endless Knights. Cassie discovers this army consists of cyborgs created from the bodies of Agamemnon's dead children. This includes Perseus. The Pantheon survives this battle, though Agamemnon seemingly does not. Cassie stays with the Pantheon as it reforms and regroups.

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