List of Marquisates in France - I


Marquisate Province Department Time of Creation Receiving family Current status Comments
les ÎLES-d'OR Provence 83 1531 d'Ornessan Extinct 1783 Reverted to seigneurie when sold
les ÎLES-d'OR Provence 83 1552 de Luetz d'Aramon Extinct 1783 confirmation of the previous title
les ÎLES-d'OR Provence 83 1624 de Gondi-Retz Extinct 1783 confirmation of the previous title
ILLIERS Chartrain 28 Henri IV de Daillon du Lude Extant belongs to Patas de Mesliers since 1781 (acquisition)
ILLIERS Chartrain 28 1714 Phélypeaux Extant confirmation of the previous title
IMÉCOURT Champagne 08 c1700 de Vassinhac d'Imécourt Extant
IRANDA Navarre 64 1769 d'Aragorry Extant Spanish title; inherited by d'Arcangues 1818
IRANDA Navarre 64 1783 d'Aragorry Extant French confirmation
l'ISLE-BOUZON Armagnac 32 late 16__ de Galard de l'Isle Extinct 1928
l'ISLE-JOURDAIN Poitou 86 Louis XIII de la Béraudière Extinct Some sources state raised in the 1500-
l'ISLE-sous-MONTRÉAL Champagne 89 17__ de Mailly-Nesle Extant sold to de Bertier de Sauvigny but title not used
ISLES Champagne 10 1547 de (la Marck-)Clèves Duchy 1665 also called marquisate d'ISLE-AUMONT before being raised to duchy d'AUMONT
IVRY Bourgogne 21 1776 Richard de Curtil Extant

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