List of Malazan Book of The Fallen Characters - S


Character Description Appears in
Sad Soldier in the Bonehunters DoD, CG
Saddic Child in the Snake DoD, CG
Sag'Churok K'ell Hunter of the K'Chain Che'Malle, onetime bodyguard to Redmask RG, DoD, CG
Salind High Priestess of the Cult of the Redeemer TH
Salk Elan Name used by Pearl DG
Saltlick Soldier in the Bonehunters RG, BH, DoD, CG
Samar Dev Scholar and witch from Seven Cities, companion of Karsa Orlong BH, RG, TH
Sandalath Drukorlat Tiste Andii, wife of Withal MT, RG, DoD, CG
Sands Soldier in the Bonehunters HoC, BH, RG
Sathboro Rangar Arapay warlock BH
Sawark Malazan Commander of the guard in the otataral mining camp, Skullcup DG
Scabandari Bloodeye Tiste Edur Elient Soletaken MT
Scant Soldier in the Bonehunters RG, DoD
Scillara Camp follower in Raraku, later companion to Cutter HoC, BH, TH
Scint Official of the Rat Catcher's Guild of Letheras MT
Scorch Bodyguard in Darujhistan TH
Scrawl Soldier in the Bonehunters HoC
Scurve Barkeep at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan GotM, TH
Seba Krafar Master of Darujhistan's Guild of Assassins TH
Seerdomin Former Seerdomin of the Pannion Domin, now resident in Black Coral TH
Selush Letherii dresser of the dead MT
Selv Wife of Captain Keneb DG
Senu Seguleh warrior, servant to Lady Envy MoI
Seren Pedac Acquitor to Buruk the Pale, later one of the Hunted. MT, RG, DoD
Serenity Pure Forkrul Assail, lawful inquisitor MT, CG
Serrat Second-in-Command of the Tiste Andii under Anomander Rake GotM
Setoc Letherii child RG, DoD, CG
Sha'ik Prophetess and leader of the Whirlwind DG
Sha'ik Reborn Reborn Sha'ik after the elder one's death in Raraku, marking the start of the Whirlwind. Once Felisin Paran. DG, HoC
Shadowthrone Ascendant and ruler of the Warren of Shadow; also called Ammanas GotM, DG, BH, TH, CG
Shan Hound of Shadow GotM, DG, TH
Shand Letherii employee of Tehol Beddict MT
Shank Mage in the Bridgeburners MoI
Shard Corporal in the Bonehunters HoC, BH. RG, DoD, CG
Shardan Lim Council member in Darujhistan TH
Sharl Shake woman CG
Sheb Wanderer DoD
Shedunul Lady of Health, another name for Soliel CG
Shelemasa Warrior of the Khundryl Burned Tears DoD, CG
Sheltatha Lore (Daughter Dusk) Elder ascendant, Soletaken Elient, daughter of Tiam and Scabandari Bloodeye, sister of Sukul Ankhadu and Menandore, mother of Lady Envy and Sister Spite RG
Shoaly Soldier in the Bonehunters RG, DoD
Shortnose Soldier in the Bonehunters HoC, BH, RG, DoD, CG
Shurq Elalle Undead Letherii thief and itinerant pirate captain MT, RG, DoD, CG
Sidlis Soldier in the Grey Swords MoI
Silanah Eleint and companion to Anomander Rake GotM, TH, CG
Silchas Ruin Tiste Andii Elient Soletaken; brother of Anomander Rake, also called White Crow; one of the Hunted MT, RG, DoD, CG
Silgar Malazan slavemaster, later Leper of the House of Chains HoC
Silverfox Reborn form of Tattersail, Nightchill and Bellurdan; T'lan Imass bonecaster; Soletaken MoI
Simtal Noblewoman in Darujhistan GotM
Sinn Young girl; precociously talented High Mage in the Bonehunters; companion to Grub HoC, BH, RG, DoD, CG
Sinter Sergeant in the Bonehunters DoD, CG
Sirryn Kanar Palace guard in Letheras RG
Sister of Cold Nights Elder Goddess, masquerades as the High Mage Nightchill MoI
Sister Spite Sorceress, daughter of Draconus and Sheltatha Lore, sister of Lady Envy, Soletaken BH, TH
Skanarow Captain in the Bonehunters DoD, CG
Skim Soldier in the Bonehunters RG, DoD
Skintick Tiste Andii, cousin to Nimander Golit; Soletaken Eleint TH, CG
Skorken Kaban First mate on Shurq Elalle's ship DoD, CG
Skulldeath Soldier in the Bonehunters RG, DoD, CG
Skwish Shake witch RG, DoD, CG
Smiles Soldier in the Bonehunters HoC, BH, RG, DoD, CG
Snell Daru child TH
Sobelone Sergeant in the Bonehunters HoC
Sordiko Qualm High Priestess of Shadow in Derujistan TH
Sormo E'nath Wickan warlock DG
Sorry Soldier in the Bridgeburners; possessed by the god Cotillion; now known as Apsalar GotM, DG, HoC
Spax Gilk Barghast Warchief CG
Spindle Mage and sapper in the Bridgeburners, 7th squad MoI
Spinnock Durav Tiste Andii warrior TH, CG
Squint Malazan bowman who shot Coltaine at the Fall outside Aren DG, HoC
Stacker Soldier in the Bonehunters HoC
Stavi Daughter of Hetan, twin sister of Storii DoD, CG
Stayandi Letherii child who became Setoc of the Wolves DoD, CG
Stillis Captain of the Guard for Lady Simtal's Estate in Darujhistan GotM
Stolmen Barghast warchief DoD
Stonny Menackis Caravan guard on Genabackis MoI, TH
Storii Daughter of Hetan, twin sister of Stavi DoD, CG
Stormy Corporal in the Malazan Coastal Guard, later in Bonehunters; wields a T'lan Imass flint sword DG, HoC, BH, RG, DoD, CG
Stahl Barghast warrior DoD
Strap Mull Soldier in the Bonehunters RG, DoD
Straw Mott Irregular MoI
Strong Rall Cut-throat in Letheras MT
Studlock Castellan in Darujhistan; renegade Seguleh; also known as Studious Lock TH
Stump Mott Irregular MoI
Sty Mott Irregular MoI
Sukul Ankhadu (Sister Dapple) Elder ascendant, Soletaken Elient, daughter of Tiam and Osserc, sister of Sheltatha Lore and Menandore RG
Sulkit K'Chain Che'Malle DoD
Sulmar Captain in the 7th Army DG
Sulty Serving woman at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan GotM, TH
Sunrise Sergeant in the Bonehunters, recruited from Letheras DoD
Surly Empress Laseen's old name when Commander of the Claw GotM
Sweetcreek Captain (later Fist) in Onearm's Host BH, CG
Sweetlard Soldier (later sergeant) in the Bonehunters, recruited from Letheras; formerly a prostitute DoD, CG
Sweetest Sufferance Trygalle Trade Guild shareholder TH, CG
Synyg Thelomen Toblakai, Karsa Orlong's father HoC

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