List of Malacologists

This is a list of malacologists, people who study or studied mollusks. In other words, this is a list of notable scientists, biologists, zoologists or naturalists, who are or were interested in malacology, which is the scientific study of the Mollusca. Many of these malacologists are notable for having named species and other taxa of mollusks. People who specialize in studying only or primarily the shells of mollusks are sometimes called conchologists instead of malacologists.

This list focuses primarily on people who study or studied Recent taxa of mollusks rather than fossil mollusks, i.e. only a few paleontologists are included here. The list includes malacologists who are still alive, as well as those who lived in previous centuries. The list also includes researchers who devoted some of their research effort to malacology and some to other sciences.

Considering that mollusks are such a very large and diverse phylum of invertebrates, malacology in general is still greatly understaffed in its research efforts. For example, there is no living malacological expert who can properly identify all the species of Onchidiidae (about 143 species). There are also not enough malacologists studying freshwater snails.

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