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Lucky Star vocal mini album
Soundtrack album by Ryō Hirohashi, Mai Nakahara, Ami Koshimizu, Ai Shimizu, Miyu Matsuki, Satsuki Yukino
Released December 22, 2005
Genre Video game soundtrack
Label Frontier Works

Lucky Star vocal mini album (『らき☆すた』vocal mini album, Raki☆Suta vocal mini album?) is a video game soundtrack for the video game "Lucky Star Moe Drill" based on the manga Lucky Star. It was first released on December 22, 2005 in Japan.

Track listing
  1. "Lucky Lucky Baby" (らき☆らき☆べいべー, Raki☆Raki☆Beibē?)
  2. "Otome Gokoro" (オトメ☆ゴコロ?, lit. Maiden☆Heart)
  3. "Lucky Lucky Baby" (らき☆らき☆べいべー, Raki☆Raki☆Beibē?) (danceable version)
  4. "Otome Gokoro" (オトメ☆ゴコロ?, lit. Maiden☆Heart) (world mix version)
  5. "Lucky Lucky Baby" (らき☆らき☆べいべー, Raki☆Raki☆Beibē?) (original karaoke)
  6. "Otome Gokoro" (オトメ☆ゴコロ?, lit. Maiden☆Heart) (original karaoke)
  7. "Lucky Lucky Baby" (らき☆らき☆べいべー, Raki☆Raki☆Beibē?) (danceable version original karaoke)
  8. "Otome Gokoro" (オトメ☆ゴコロ?, lit. Maiden☆Heart) (world mix version original karaoke)

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