List of Lucky Star Albums - BGM & Radio Bangumi "Lucky Channel" Soundtracks - Volume 8

Volume 8

Lucky Star BGM & Radio Bangumi "Lucky Channel" no Digest wo Shuuroku Shita Special CD 8
Soundtrack album
Genre Anime soundtrack

Lucky Star BGM & Radio Bangumi "Lucky Channel" no Digest wo Shuuroku Shita Special CD 8 (BGM&ラジオ番組「らっきー☆ちゃんねる」のダイジェストを収録したスペシャルCD8?) is the eighth such album containing background music tracks and radio segments from the anime version of Lucky Star, which was released with the eighth DVD. The first seven tracks are BGM tracks from the anime, and the last six are from radio segments from Radio Bangumi with Hiromi Konno as Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi as himself.

Track listing
  1. "Minami no Theme"
  2. "Hiyori no Mousou"
  3. "1 Nen Sei wa Fresh da ne"
  4. "Sawayaka na Yuujou"
  5. "Kagami Dake Chigaku Class ni Nachatta..."
  6. "Soujirou Henshin!"
  7. "Hontou ni Kowai Katei no Igaku"
  8. "Doppelganger Jishuu, Akira Sama no Live"
  9. "Natsuyasumi ni Tsuite Yuruyuru Talk"
  10. "Point Kasan Luckies"
  11. "Anime Dai 16 Kai Housoubun no Ato ni..."
  12. "Shiraishi Kun no Enidng ga Dai Kouhyou!"
  13. "Moshi mo de Lucky Channel ~ Ending"

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