List of Limited Series - More Than Twelve (12) Issues - Published By DC Comics

Published By DC Comics

  • Batman: The Long Halloween, DC Comics, 1996-1997 (13 issues)
  • Batman: Dark Victory, DC Comics, 1999-2001 (14 issues)
  • Batman: Legacy, DC Comics, 1996 (14 issues)
  • Brightest Day, DC Comics, 2010-2011 (26 issues)
  • The Filth, Vertigo/DC Comics, 2002-2003 (13 issues)
  • Justice League: Generation Lost, DC Comics, 2010-2011 (26 issues)
  • Seven Soldiers, DC Comics (30 issues)
  • 52, DC Comics, 2006-2007 (52 issues)
  • Countdown, DC Comics, 2007-2008 (51 issues)

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