List of Lead Vocalists - D


  • Dappy (N-Dubz)
  • Brody Dalle (The Distillers, Spinnerette)
  • Roger Daltrey (The Who)
  • Warrel Dane (Nevermore)
  • Glenn Danzig (The Misfits, Danzig, Samhain)
  • Doc Corbin Dart
  • Chris Daughtry (Daughtry)
  • Ray Davies (The Kinks)
  • Al Davis (The Reinvention)
  • Jonathan Davis (Korn)
  • Paul Day (Iron Maiden)
  • Kelli Dayton (Sneaker Pimps)
  • Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine)
  • Dead (Mayhem)
  • El DeBarge (DeBarge)
  • Carol Decker (T'Pau)
  • Tom DeLonge (Angels & Airwaves, Blink-182, Box Car Racer)
  • Brad Delp (Boston)
  • Andi Deris (Helloween)
  • Alex Désert (Hepcat)
  • Jim Dewar (Robin Trower)
  • Dennis DeYoung (Styx)
  • King Diamond (Mercyful Fate)
  • Paul Di'Anno (Iron Maiden)
  • Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden, Samson)
  • Ronnie James Dio (Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven and Hell)
  • Beth Ditto (Gossip)
  • Pete Doherty (The Libertines, Babyshambles)
  • Don Dokken (Dokken)
  • Micky Dolenz (The Monkees)
  • Peter Dolving (The Haunted, Mary Beats Jane)
  • Charlie Dominici (Dream Theater, Dominici)
  • Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Belly)
  • Ray Dorset (Mungo Jerry)
  • Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip)
  • Eric Dover (Slash's Snakepit)
  • David Draiman (Disturbed)
  • Paul Draper (Mansun)
  • Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot)
  • Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly)
  • Amy Dumas (The Luchagors)
  • Ronnie Dunn (Brooks & Dunn)
  • Judith Durham (The Seekers)
  • Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)
  • Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit)
  • Ian Dury (Ian Dury and the Blockheads)
  • Deborah Dyer (Skin, Skunk Anansie)

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