List of Latin Letters - Extensions


Letter Name Notes
Small capital A Nonstandard phonetic symbol
Ɐ ɐ Turned A Near-open central vowel
Ɑ ɑ Alpha (Script A) Open back unrounded vowel. cf. Greek: Α α
Ɒ ɒ Turned alpha (Turned script A) Open back rounded vowel
ʙ Small capital B Bilabial trill; partially devoiced bilabial stop in UPA
Small capital barred B
Small capital C
Ↄ ↄ Reversed C Claudian letters
Ð ð Eth Voiced dental fricative; Icelandic and Faroese (not pronounced in Faroese)
Ꝺ ꝺ Insular D
Small capital D Partially devoiced alveolar stop in UPA
Small capital Eth
Delta cf. Greek: Δ δ
Small capital E
Ǝ ǝ Turned E Pan-Nigerian alphabet
Small capital turned E UPA
Ə ə Schwa Mid-central vowel; Azerbaijani letter. cf. Cyrillic: Ә ә
Ɛ ɛ Open E (Epsilon) Open-mid front unrounded vowel. cf. Greek: Ε ε
ɘ Reversed E Close-mid central unrounded vowel
ɜ Reversed open E (Reversed Epsilon) Open-mid central unrounded vowel
ɞ Closed reversed open E (Closed reversed Epsilon) Open-mid central rounded vowel
ʚ Closed open E (Closed Epsilon) A misprinted symbol for open-mid central rounded vowel
ɤ Rams horn (Baby Gamma) Close-mid back unrounded vowel
Ꝼ ꝼ Insular F
Small capital F Medievalist addition
Ⅎ ⅎ Turned F Claudian letters
Epigraphic letter reversed F
Ᵹ ᵹ Insular G
ɡ Script G Voiced velar plosive
ɢ Small capital G Voiced uvular plosive; partially devoiced velar stop in UPA
Turned G Georgian
Ꝿ ꝿ Turned insular G
Ɣ ɣ Gamma Voiced velar fricative. cf. Greek: Γγ
Ƣ ƣ Gha Jaꞑalif letter for Tatar, Azerbaijani letter
ʜ Small capital H Voiceless epiglottal fricative
Ƕ ƕ Hwair Gothic
Ⱶ ⱶ Half H Claudian letters
Ꜧ ꜧ Heng
ı Dotless I Turkish, Azerbaijani
ɪ Small capital I Near-close near-front unrounded vowel
Epigraphic letter I Longa
Sideways I Epigraphic variant of I used in early medieval Celtic inscriptions
Turned i
Small capital I with stroke English near-close central unrounded vowel, or schwa (Oxford University Press dictionary convention)
Ɩ ɩ Iota cf. Greek: Ɩ ɩ
ȷ Dotless J
Small capital J
Small capital K
ʞ Turned K Proposed symbol for velar click. Withdrawn 1970 as articulation judged impossible
ʟ Small capital L Velar lateral approximant; voiced alveolar lateral in UPA
Ꝇ ꝇ Broken L Medieval Nordic consonant /ǫː/
Small capital L with stroke
ɮ Lezh Voiced alveolar lateral fricative
Ꞁ ꞁ Turned L
ʎ Turned Y Palatal lateral approximant
Small capital M Voiceless bilabial nasal in UPA
Epigraphic letter inverted M
Epigraphic letter archaic M
ɴ Small capital N Uvular nasal; voiceless alveolar nasal in UPA
Small capital reversed N Voiceless velar nasal in UPA
Ŋ ŋ Eng Northern and Skolt Sámi, Velar nasal
Small capital O
Sideways O
ɶ Small capital OE Open front rounded vowel
Ɔ ɔ Open O Open-mid back rounded vowel
Small capital open O
Sideways open O
Top half O
Bottom half O
Ɵ ɵ Barred O Close-mid central rounded vowel. cf. Cyrillic: Ө ө
ɷ Closed omega Rejected symbol for near-close near-back rounded vowel
Ȣ ȣ Ou A ligature of Latin o and u
Small capital Ou A back vowel of uncertain quality in UPA
Small capital P
Epigraphic letter reversed P
ɸ Phi Voiceless bilabial fricative. cf. Greek: Φ φ
Tailless phi UPA
ĸ Kra Nunatsiavummiut dialect of Inuktitut in Canada, formerly Kalaallisut language of Greenland
Ꞃ ꞃ Insular R
Ʀ ʀ Yr Uvular trill
Ꝛ ꝛ R rotunda
Small capital reversed R Nonstandard symbol for epiglottal trill
ɹ Turned R Alveolar approximant
Small capital turned R Obsolete symbol for voiceless uvular fricative
ʁ Small capital inverted R Voiced uvular fricative
Small capital rum Medievalist addition
Ꝝ ꝝ Rum rotunda
ſ Long S
Ꞅ ꞅ Insular S
Ƨ ƨ Reversed S (=Tone two)
Small capital S Medievalist addition
Ʃ ʃ Esh Voiceless postalveolar fricative. cf. Greek: Σ σ,ς
ƪ Reversed Esh loop labialized voiceless postalveolar fricative; IPA:
ʅ Squat reversed Esh apical retroflex unrounded vowel; IPA:
Ꞇ ꞇ Insular T
Small capital T
ʇ Turned T Former IPA representation for tenuis dental click
Small capital U Near-close near-back vowel
Sideways U
Sideways diaeresized U
Ɥ ɥ Turned H Labial-palatal approximant; Dan / Gio orthography in Liberia
Ɯ ɯ Turned M Close back unrounded vowel
Small capital turned M
Sideways turned M
Ʊ ʊ Upsilon cf. Greek: Υ υ
Small capital V
Ỽ ỽ Middle-Welsh V
Ʌ ʌ Turned V Open-mid back unrounded vowel
Small capital W
ʍ Turned W Voiceless labio-velar approximant
ʏ Small capital Y Near-close near-front rounded vowel
ƍ Turned delta Labialized voiced alveolo-dental fricative; IPA:
Small capital Z Partially devoiced alveolar fricative in UPA
Ꝣ ꝣ Visigothic Z Medieval Ibero-Romance
Ʒ ʒ Ezh Voiced postalveolar fricative
Small capital Ezh
Ƹ ƹ Ezh reversed
Ȝ ȝ Yogh
Þ þ Thorn
Ƿ ƿ Wynn
Ꝩ ꝩ Vend Medieval Nordic phoneme /v/ or /u/
Ꝫ ꝫ Et
Ꝭ ꝭ Is
Ꝯ ꝯ Con
Ꜫ ꜫ Tresillo Mayan glottalized uvular stop /qˀ/
Ꜭ ꜭ Cuatrillo Mayan glottalized velar stop /kˀ/
Ƨ ƨ Tone two (=Reversed S) A letter used in the Zhuang language from 1957 to 1986 to indicate its second tone
Ƽ ƽ Tone five A letter used in the Zhuang language from 1957 to 1986 to indicate its fifth tone
Ƅ ƅ Tone six A letter used in the Zhuang language from 1957 to 1986 to indicate its sixth tone
ʔ Glottal stop IPA for glottal stop
Ɂ ɂ Glottal stop letter for glottal stop in Canadian aboriginal orthographies
Ꜣ ꜣ Egyptological Alef
Ꞌ ꞌ Saltillo Glottal stop in some orthographies in Mexico and Nigeria
ʕ Pharyngeal voiced fricative (Reversed glottal stop) Voiced pharyngeal fricative
Voiced laryngeal spirant
Ꜥ ꜥ Egyptological Ain
ʖ Inverted glottal stop
ǀ Dental clicks
ǁ Lateral clicks
ǂ Alveolar clicks
ǃ Retroflex clicks
ʗ Stretched C
ʘ Bilabial clicks (Bullseye)
ʬ Bilabial percussive
ʭ Bidental percussive

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