List of Kung Fu Panda Characters - Allies - Wo Hop

Wo Hop
Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special character
Voiced by Jack McBrayer
Species Rabbit

Wo Hop is a renowned chef who was among the first to audition for the honor to cook for the Kung Fu Masters Winter Festival banquet, which was hosted that year by Po. Unfortunately, Po was unfamiliar with the intricate customs of the selection process and inadvertently disgraced Hop while waving to Monkey. Although Po attempted to immediately undo the error, custom allowed for no flexibility on the matter and the disgrace stood.

Desperate to redeem himself with his death, Wo Hop later attempted to assault Po in the kitchen in hopes that the Dragon Warrior would kill him in self-defense. Not wanting to harm the rabbit, Po was able to easily confine him to a flour pot, but he later escaped and harassed the Panda as part of the overwhelming complications for the banquet preparations. However, Wo Hop's casual observation about the limits of Kung Fu inspired Po to enlist the aid of the Furious Five while offering to kill the rabbit after he helped with the cooking. Wo Hop agreed, but Po still had to continually stop a number of his suicide attempts in the process. Regardless, the meal was successfully prepared with the rabbit's help.

After Po left to work his father at the restaurant for their own Winter Festival occasion, Wo Hop made one last attempt to attack Po. However, Po then presented Wo Hop with the Golden Ladle, the intended honor for the official cook of the Master's formal feast, which restored his honor in his eyes. Furthermore, Po also included the rabbit in the one approved commemorative portrait with all his family and friends as an additional honor.

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