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  • MP3 Portable Player: The first portable MP3 player was launched in 1997 by Saehan Information Systems, which sold its "MPMan" player in Asia in spring 1998.
  • MP3 Phone: Samsung SPH-M2100, the first mobile phone with built-in MP3 players were produced in South Korea in August, 1999. Samsung SPH-M100 launched in 2000 was the first cell phone to have MP3 music capabilities in the US market.
  • Touchscreen mobile phone: LG KE850 is the world's first Completely Touch Screen Mobile Phone using finger touch instead of stylus, having a main button directly below the display. The developer, LG Electronics has claimed the iPhone's design was copied from the LG KE850.
  • Capacitive touchscreen mobile phone: LG KE850 is the first mobile phone with a capacitive touchscreen. It was announced in January 2007 and brought to market in May.
  • LTE Mobile phone: Samsung SCH-r900 is the world’s first LTE Mobile phone starting on 21 September 2010 and Samsung Galaxy Indulge being the world’s first LTE smartphone starting on 10 February 2011 both offered by MetroPCS.
  • Retina display: A LCD-TFT IPS Display, named by Apple as the "Retina display", is a developed and produced by LG Display.

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