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Kino's Journey

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
01 July 10, 2000 ISBN 978-4-8402-1585-5 October 3, 2006 ISBN 978-1-59816-455-8
Prologue. "Amidst the Forest・b" -Lost in the Forest・b- (「森の中で・b」―Lost in the Forest・b―, "Mori no Naka de・b" -Lost in the Forest・b-?)
  1. "Land of Visible Pain" -I See You.- (「人の痛みが分かる国」―I See You.―, "Hito no Itami ga Wakaru Kuni" -I See You.-?)
  2. "Land of the Majority" -Ourselfish- (「多数決の国」―Ourselfish―, "Tasūketsu no Kuni" -Ourselfish-?)
  3. "Three Men Along the Rails" -On the Rails- (「レールの上の三人の男」―On the Rails―, "Rēru no Ue no Sannin no Otoko" -On the Rails-?)
  4. "Coliseum" -Avengers- (「コロシアム」―Avengers―, "Koroshiamu" -Avengers-?)
  5. "Land of Adults" -Natural Rights- (「大人の国」―Natural Rights―, Otona no Kuni -Natural Rights-?)
  6. "A Peaceful Land" -Mother's Love- (「平和な国」―Mother's Love―, "Heiwana Kuni -Mother's Love-?)
Epilogue. "Amidst the Forest・a" -Lost in the Forest・a- (「森の中で・a」―Lost in the Forest・a―, "Mori no Naka de・a" -Lost in the Forest・a-?)
02 October 10, 2000 ISBN 978-4-8402-1632-6
Frontispiece. "A Story of a Sniper" -Fatalism- (「狙撃兵の話」―Fatalism―, "Sogekihei no Hanashi" -Fatalism-?)
Prologue. "Amidst the Desert・b" -Beginner's Luck・b- (「砂漠の真ん中で・b」―Beginner's Luck・b―, "Sabaku no Mannaka de・b" -Beginner's Luck・b-?)
  1. "A Tale of Feeding Off Others" -I Want to Live.- (「人を喰った話」―I Want to Live.―, "Hito o Kutta Hanashi" -I Want to Live.-?)
  2. "Overprotection" -Do You Need It?- (「過保護」―Do You Need It?―, "Kahogo" -Do You Need It?-?)
  3. "Land of Wizards" -Potentials of Magic- (「魔法使いの国」―Potentials of Magic―, "Mahōtsukai no Kuni" -Potentials of Magic-?)
  4. "Land of Free Press" -Believers- (「自由報道の国」―Believers―, "Jiyū Hōdō no Kuni" -Believers-?)
  5. "A Picture's Tale" -Happiness- (「絵の話」―Happiness―, "E no Hanashi" -Happiness-?)
  6. "Return" -"She" is Waiting For You.- (「帰郷」―"She" is Waiting For You.―, "Kikyō" -"She" is Waiting For You.-?)
  7. "Land of Books" -Nothing Is Written!- (「本の国」―Nothing Is Written!―, "Hon no Kuni" -Nothing Is Written!-?)
  8. "A Kind Land" -Tomorrow Never Comes- (「優しい国」―Tomorrow Never Comes.―, "Yasashii Kuni" -Tomorrow Never Comes.-?)
Epilogue. "Amidst the Desert・a" -Beginner's Luck・a- (「砂漠の真ん中で・a」―Beginner's Luck・a―, "Sabaku no Mannaka de・a" -Beginner's Luck・a-?)
Special. "Continued: A Picture's Tale" -Anonymous Pictures- (「続・絵の話」―Anonymous Pictures―, Zoku ・E no Hanashi -Anonymous Pictures-?)
03 January 10, 2001 ISBN 978-4-8402-1709-5
Frontispiece. "The Land of Love and Peace" -Power Play- (「愛と平和の国」―Power Play―, "Ai to Heiwa no Kuni" -Power Play-?)
Prologue. "Amidst the Clouds・b" -Blinder・b- (「雲の中で・b」―Blinder・b―, "Kumo no Naka de・b" -Blinder・b-?)
  1. "A Land Without Borders" -Designated Area- (「城壁のない国」―Designated Area―, "Jōheki no Nai Kuni" -Designated Area-?)
  2. "Power of Persuasion" -Persuader- (「説得力」―Persuader―, "Settokuryoku" -Persuader-?)
  3. "The Land of Identical Faces" -HACCP- (「同じ顔の国」―HACCP―, "Onaji Kao no Kuni" -HACCP-?)
  4. "A Tale of a Mechanical Doll" -One-way Mission- (「機械人形の話」―One-way Mission―, "Kikai Ningyō no Hanashi" -One-way Mission-?)
  5. "A Land not Permitting Discrimination" -True Blue Sky- (「差別を許さない国」―True Blue Sky―, "Sabetsu o Yurusanai Kuni" -True Blue Sky-?)
  6. "A Finished Tale" -Ten Years After- (「終わってしまった話」―Ten Years After―, "Owatteshimatta Hanashi -Ten Years After-?)
Epilogue. "Amidst the Clouds・a" -Blinder・a- (「雲の中で・a」―Blinder・a―, "Kumo no Naka de・a" -Blinder・a-?)
04 July 10, 2001 ISBN 978-4-8402-1844-3
Prologue. "Amidst a Sea of Red・b" -Blooming Prairie・b- (「紅い海の真ん中で・b」―Blooming Prairie・b―, "Kurenai Umi no Mannaka de・b" -Blooming Prairie・b-?)
  1. "Land with a Statue" -Angel?- (「像のある国」―Angel?―, "Zō no Aru Kuni" -Angel?-?)
  2. "×××××" -Solo-
  3. "Land of Two People" -Even a Dog Doesn't Eat- (「二人の国」―Even a Dog Doesn't Eat―, "Futari no Kuni" -Even a Dog Doesn't Eat-?)
  4. "Tradition" -Tricksters- (「伝統」―Tricksters―, "Dentō" -Tricksters-?)
  5. "The Land Without the Need for Work" -Workable- (「仕事をしなくていい国」―Workable―, "Shigoto o Shinakute Ii Kuni" -Workable-?)
  6. "A Land Divided" -World Divided- (「分かれている国」―World Divided―, "Wakareteiru Kuni -World Divided-?)
  7. "Grapes" -On Duty- (「ぶどう」―On Duty―, "Budō" -On Duty-?)
  8. "Land of Acknowledgment" -A Vote- (「認めている国」―A Vote―, "Mitometeiru Kuni" -A Vote-?)
  9. "A Tale of Extortion" -Bloodsuckers- (「たかられた話」―Bloodsuckers―, "Takarareta Hanashi -Bloodsuckers-?)
  10. "Land of Bridges" -Their Line- (「橋の国」―Their Line―, "Hashi no Kuni" -Their Line-?)
  11. "The Tower Country" -Freelance- (「塔の国」―Free Lance―, "Tō no Kuni" -Free Lance-?)
Epilogue. "Amidst a Sea of Red・a" -Blooming Prairie・a- (「紅い海の真ん中で・a」―Blooming Prairie・a―, "Kurenai Umi no Mannaka de・a" -Blooming Prairie・a-?)
05 January 10, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8402-2013-2
Prologue. "Amidst the Setting Sun・b" -Will・b- (「夕日の中で・b」―Will・b―, "Yūhi no Naka de・b" -Will・b-?)
  1. "Reminiscence" -Blue Rose- (「あの時のこと」―Blue Rose―, "Ano Toki no Koto" -Blue Rose-?)
  2. "Land Permitting Murder" -Jungle's Rule- (「人を殺すことができる国」―Jungle's Rule―, "Hito o Korosu Koto ga Dekiru Kuni" -Jungle's Rule-?)
  3. "A Tale of a Vendor" -For Sale- (「店の話」―For Sale―, "Ten no Hanashi" -For Sale-?)
  4. "Land of Heroes" -No Hero- (「英雄達の国」―No Hero―, Eiyūtachi no Kuni" -No Hero-?)
  5. "Land of Heroes" -Seven Heroes- (「英雄達の国」―Seven Heroes―, "Eiyūtachi no Kuni" -Seven Heroes-?)
  6. "A Tranquil Land" -Jog Trot- (「のどかな国」―Jog Trot―, "Nodokana Kuni" -Jog Trot-?)
  7. "Land of Prophecies" -We NO The Future.- (「予言の国」―We NO the Future.―, "Yogen no Kuni" -We NO the Future.-?)
  8. "Bodyguards" -Stand-bys- (「用心棒」―Stand-bys―, "Yōjinbō" -Stand-bys-?)
  9. "A Tale of a Salt Field" -Family Business- (「塩の平原の話」―Family Business―, "Shio no Heigen no Hanashi" -Family Business-?)
  10. "Land of Illness" -For You- (「病気の国」―For You―, "Byōki no Kuni" -For You-?)
Epilogue. "Amidst the Setting Sun・a" -Will・a- (「夕日の中で・a」―Will・a―, "Yūhi no Naka de・a" -Will・a-?)
06 August 10, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8402-2155-9
Frontispiece. "A Land of No Admittance" -Reasonable- (「入れない国」―Reasonable―, "Irenai Kuni" -Reasonable-?)
Frontispiece. "An Unbiased Tale" -All Alone- (「中立な話」―All Alone―, "Chūritsu no Hanashi" -All Alone-?)
Frontispiece. "A Tale of a Tank" -Life Goes On.- (「戦車の話」―Life Goes On.―, "Sensha no Hanashi" -Life Goes On.-?)
Prologue. "A Pledge・b" -a Kitchen Knife・b- (「誓い・b」―a Kitchen Knife・b―, "Chikai・b" -a Kitchen Knife・b-?)
  1. "Her Journey" -Chances- (「彼女の旅」―Chances―, "Kanojo no Tabi" -Chances-?)
  2. "Her Journey" -Love and Bullets- (「彼女の旅」―Love and Bullets―, "Kanojo no Tabi" -Love and Bullets-?)
  3. "Land of Fireworks" -Fire at Will!- (「花火の国」―Fire at Will!―, "Hanabi no Kuni" -Fire at Will!-?)
  4. "A Land with an Elder" -I Need You.- (「長のいる国」―I Need You.―, "Osa no Iru Kuni" -I Need You.-?)
  5. "A Land that Never Forgets" -Not Again- (「忘れない国」―Not Again―, "Wasurenai Kuni" -Not Again-?)
  6. "A Safe Country" -For His Safety- (「安全な国」―For His Safety―, "Anzenna Kuni" -For His Safety-?)
  7. "During the Journey" -Intermission- (「旅の途中」―Intermission―, "Tabi no Tochū" -Intermission-?)
  8. "The Meaning of Blessing" -How Much Do I Pay For?- (「祝福のつもり」―How Much Do I Pay For?―, "Shukufuku no Tsumori" -How Much Do I Pay For?-?)
Epilogue. "A Pledge・a" -a Kitchen Knife・a- (「誓い・a」―a Kitchen Knife・a―, "Chikai・a" -a Kitchen Knife・a-?)
07 June 10, 2003 ISBN 978-4-8402-2386-7
Prologue. "To Do Something・b" -life goes on.・b- (「何かをするために・b」―life goes on.・b―, "Nanika o Suru Tame ni・b" -life goes on.・b-?)
  1. "An Aggressive Land" -Leave Only Footsteps!- (「迷惑な国」―Leave Only Footsteps!―, "Meiwakuna Kuni" -Leave Only Footsteps!-?)
  2. "A Land of Love" -Stray King- (「ある愛の国」―Stray King―, "Aru Ai no Kuni" -Stray King-?)
  3. "Along a River" -Intermission- (「川原にて」―Intermission―, "Kawara nite" -Intermission-?)
  4. "Winter Tale" -D- (「冬の話」―D―, "Fuyu no Hanashi" -D-?)
  5. "A Tale of Teatime in a Forest" -Thank You- (「森の中のお茶会の話」―Thank You―, "Mori no Naka no Ochakai no Hanashi" -Thank You-?)
  6. "Land of Liars" -Waiting For You- (「嘘つき達の国」―Waiting For You―, "Usotsukitachi no Kuni" -Waiting For You-?)
Epilogue. "To Do Something・a" -life goes on.・a- (「何かをするために・a」―life goes on.・a―, "Nanika o Suru Tame ni・a" -life goes on.・a-?)
08 October 10, 2004 ISBN 978-4-8402-2832-9
Frontispiece. "Land of Roads" -Go West!- (「道の国」―Go West!―, "Michi no Kuni" -Go West!-?)
Frontispiece. "A Land Without Crime" -Black box- (「悪いことはできない国」―Black box―, "Warui Koto wa Dekinai Kuni" -Black box-?)
Prologue. "On the Beach, A Beginning and an End of a Journey" -On the Beach・b- (「渚にて 旅の始まりと終わり」―On the Beach・b―, "Nagisa nite Tabi no Hajimari to Owari" -On the Beach・b-?)
  1. "A Land with History" -Don't Look Back!- (「歴史のある国」―Don't Look Back!―, "Rekishi no Aru Kuni" -Don't Look Back!-?)
  2. "A Story with Love" -Dinner Party- (「愛のある話」―Dinner Party―, "Ai no Aru Hanashi" -Dinner Party-?)
  3. "Land of Radios" -Entertainer- (「ラジオな国」―Entertainer―, "Rajiona Kuni" -Entertainer-?)
  4. "A Land Saved" -Confession- (「救われた国」―Confession―, "Sukuwareta Kuni" -Confession-?)
Epilogue. "The Ship Country" -On the Beach・a- (「船の国」―On the Beach・a―, "Fune no Kuni" -On the Beach・a-?)
09 October 10, 2005 ISBN 978-4-8402-3172-5
Frontispiece. "Exorbitant People" -Traveler's Tale- (「なってないひとたち」―Traveler's Tale―, "Nattenai Hitotachi" -Traveler's Tale-?)
Frontispiece. "Story of a Wall" -Sweet Home- (「城壁の話」―Sweet Home―, "Jōheki no Hanashi" -Sweet Home-?)
Prologue. "Amidst Sorrow・b" -Yearning・b- (「悲しみの中で・b」―Yearning・b―, "Kanashimi no Naka de・b" -Yearning・b-?)
  1. "Land of Records" -His Record- (「記録の国」―His Record―, "Kiroku no Kuni" -His Record-?)
  2. "Evening of Good People" -Innocence- (「いい人達の夕べ」―Innocence―, "Ii Hitotachi no Yūbe" -Innocence-?)
  3. "A Writer's Journey" -Editor's Travels- (「作家の旅」―Editor's Travels―, "Sakka no Tabi" -Editor's Travels-?)
  4. "A Land of Electro-Magnetic Waves" -Not Guilty- (「電波の国」―Not Guilty―, "Denpa no Kuni" -Not Guilty-?)
  5. "A Land of Diaries" -Historians- (「日記の国」―Historians―, "Nikki no Kuni" -Historians-?)
  6. "The Land of Natural Preservation" -Let It Be!- (「自然保護の国」―Let It Be!―, "Shizenhogo no Kuni" -Let It Be!-?)
  7. "Land of Merchants" -Professionals- (「商人の国」―Professionals―, "Shōnin no Kuni" -Professionals-?)
  8. "The Land of Killing" -Clearance- (「殺す国」―Clearance―, "Korosu Kuni" -Clearance-?)
  9. "Continued: A Tale of a Tank" -Spirit- (「続・戦車の話」―Spirit―, "Zoku・Sensha no Hanashi" -Spirit-?)
  10. "Old Tales" -Tea Talks- (「むかしの話」―Tea Talks―, "Mukashi no Hanashi -Tea Talks-?)
  11. "Power of Persuasion II" -Persuader II- (「説得力II」―Persuader II―, "Settokuryoku II" -Persuader II-?)
Epilogue. "Amidst Sorrow・a" -Yearning・a- (「悲しみの中で・a」―Yearning・a―, "Kanashimi no Naka de・a" -Yearning・a-?)
10 October 10, 2006 ISBN 978-4-8402-3580-8
Frontispiece. "Land of Pets" -apPETite- (「ペットの国」 ―apPETite―, "Petto no Kuni" -apPETite-?)
Frontispiece. "Tii's Wish" -Get Real!- (「ティーの願い」―Get Real!―, "Tī no Negai" -Get Real!-?)
Prologue. "A Man's Journey・b" -Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・b- (「在る男の旅・b」―Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・b―, "Aru Otoko no Tabi・b" -life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・b-?)
  1. "Interview Land" -Out of the Question- (「インタビューの国」―Out of the Question―, "Intabyū no Kuni" -Out of the Question-?)
  2. "A Tale of Braggarts" -Fantasy- (「ホラ吹き達の話」―Fantasy―, "Horafukitachi no Hanashi -Fantasy-?)
  3. "Land of Protection" -Meritocracy- (「保護の国」―Meritocracy―, "Hogo no Kuni" -Meritocracy-?)
  4. "Land of Telephone Poles" -Transmission- (「電柱の国」―Transmission―, "Denchū no Kuni" -Transmission-?)
  5. "In a Place Like This" -Preface- (「こんなところにある国」―Preface―, "Konna Tokoro ni Aru Kuni" -Preface-?)
  6. "Tii's Day" -a Day in the Girl's Life- (「ティーの一日」―a Day in the Girl's Life―, "Tī no Ichinichi" -a Day in the Girl's Life-?)
  7. "Land With a Singer" -Unsung Divas- (「歌姫のいる国」―Unsung Divas―, "Utahime no Iru Kuni" -Unsung Divas-?)
Epilogue. "A Man's Journey・a" -Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・a- (「在る男の旅・a」―Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・a―, "Aru Otoko no Tabi・a" -life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・a-?)
11 October 10, 2007 ISBN 978-4-8402-4025-3
Frontispiece. "Land of Children" -Burn Up- (「子供の国」―Burn Up―, "Kodomo no Kuni" -Burn Up-?)
Frontispiece. "Land with a Flower Field" -Flower Arrangement- (「花畑の国」―Flower Arrangement―, "Hanabatake no Kuni" -Flower Arrangement-?)
Prologue. "Camera Land・b" -Picturesque・b- (「カメラの国・b」―Picturesque・b―, "Kamera no Kuni" -Picturesque・b-?)
  1. "Connected Land" -Stand Alone- (「つながっている国」―Stand Alone―, "Tsunagatteiru Kuni" -Stand Alone-?)
  2. "Land of Disappointment" -Hope Against Hope- (「失望の国」―Hope Against Hope―, "Shitsubou no Kuni" -Hope Against Hope-?)
  3. "Land of Ajin (etc)" -With You- (「アジン(略)の国」―With You―, "Ajin (ryaku) no Kuni" -With You-?)
  4. "Land Without Borders" -Asylum- (「国境のない国」―Asylum―, "Kokkyou no nai Kuni" -Asylum-?)
  5. "Land of School" -Assignment- (「学校の国」―Assignment―, "Gakkou no Kuni" -Assignment-?)
  6. "A Tale of Roads" -Passage- (「道の話」―Passage―, "Michi no Hanashi" -Passage-?)
  7. "A Tale of Fighting People" -Reasonable- (「戦う人の話」―Reasonable―, "Tatakau Hito no Hanashi" -Reasonable-?)
Epilogue. "Camera Land・a" -Picturesque・a- (「カメラの国・a」―Picturesque・a―, "Kamera no Kuni" -Picturesque・a-?)
12 October 10, 2008 ISBN 978-4-04-867263-4
Under the cover. "A Tale of Donations" -How's Tricks?- (「寄付の話」―How's Tricks?―, "Kifu no Hanashi" -How's Tricks?-?)
Frontispiece. "A Tale of Bandits" -Can You Imagine!- (「山賊達の話」―Can You Imagine!―, "Sanzokutachi no Hanashi" -Can You Imagine!-?)
Frontispiece. "A Country of Conning" -I Have Ever Seen Before.- (「パクリの国」―I Have Ever Seen Before.―, "Pakuri no Kuni" -I Have Ever Seen Before.-?)
Frontispiece. "Wish" (「願い」, "Negai"?)
Prologue. "Amidst Happiness・b" -Birth・b- (「幸せの中で・b」―Birth・b―, "Shiawase no Naka de・b" -Birth・b-?)
  1. "Land of Justice" -Idiots- (「正義の国」―Idiots―, "Seigi no Kuni" -Idiots-?)
  2. "The Country to Which the Devil Came" -Talk of the Devil.- (「悪魔が来た国」―Talk of the Devil.―, "Akuma ga Kita Kuni" -Talk of the Devil.-?)
  3. "Searching Land" -Common Sense- (「求める国」―Common Sense―, "Motomeru Kuni" -Common Sense-?)
  4. "Land of Sundials" -Counter Strike- (「日時計の国」―Counter Strike―, "Hidokei no Kuni" -Counter Strike-?)
  5. "The Land That Tries" -Passage 2- (「努力をする国」―Passage 2―, "Doryoku wo suru Kuni" -Passage 2-?)
  6. "Continued: A Tale of Donations" -How's Tricks?- (「続・寄付の話」―How's Tricks?―, "Zoku・Kifu no Hanashi" -How's Tricks?-?)
  7. "A Tale of Letters" -the Weak Link- (「手紙の話」―the Weak Link―, "Tegami no Hanashi" -the Weak Link-?)
  8. "A Tale of Wagers" -Which is Which.- (「賭の話」―Which is Which.―, "Kake no Hanashi" -Which is Which.-?)
  9. "A Tale Full of Virtue" -Serious Killer- (「德を積む話」―Serious Killer―, "Toku wo Tsumu Hanashi" -Serious Killer-?)
  10. "Before the Clouds" -Eye-opener- (「雲の前で」―Eye-opener―, "Kumo no Mae de" -Eye-opener-?)
Epilogue. "Amidst Happiness・a" -Birth・a- (「幸せの中で・a」―Birth・a―, "Shiawase no Naka de・a" -Birth・a-?)
13 October 10, 2009 ISBN 978-4-0486-8068-4
Frontispiece. "A Detestable Land" —Abandon Ship!— (「嫌いな国」 —Abandon Ship!—, "Kiraina Kuni" —Abandon Ship!—?)
Frontispiece. "An Amazing Land" —Nothing Special— (「凄い国」—Nothing Special—, "Sugoi Kuni" —Nothing Special—?)
Frontispiece. "A Tale of Living People" —You Should Be So Lucky.— (「生きている人達の話」 —You Should Be So Lucky.—, "Ikiteiru Hitotachi no Hanashi" —You Should Be So Lucky.—?)
Prologue. "A Tale of This World ・ b" —It Happens. ・ b— (「この世界の話 ・ b」 —It Happens. ・ b—, "Kono Sekai no Hanashi ・ b" —It Happens. ・ b—?)
  1. "A Tale of Olden Days" —Choice— (「昔の話」 —Choice—, "Mukashi no Hanashi" —Choice—?)
  2. "Land of Families" —Divorce— (「家族の国」 —Divorce—, "Kazoku no Kuni" —Divorce—?)
  3. "An Unlawful Land" —Just Imagine It!— (「違法な国」 —Just Imagine It!—, "Ihōna Kuni" —Just Imagine It!—?)
  4. "Land of Travelers" —Last Will— (「旅人の国」 —Last Will—, "Tabibito no Kuni" —Last Will—?)
  5. "A Necessary Land" —Entertainer— (「必要な国」 —Entertainer—, "Hitsuyōna Kuni" —Entertainer—?)
Epilogue. "A Tale of This World ・ a" —It Happens. ・ a— (「この世界の話 ・ a」 —It Happens. ・ a—, "Kono Sekai no Hanashi ・ a" —It Happens. ・ a—?)
Special. "Various Tales" —a Beautiful Dreamer— (「いろいろな話」 —a Beautiful Dreamer—, "Iroirona Hanashi" —a Beautiful Dreamer—?)
14 October 10, 2010 ISBN 978-4-0486-8967-0
Prologue. "Amidst the Rising Sun ・ b" —the Dawn ・ b— (「朝日の中で ・ b」 —the Dawn ・ b—, "Asahi no Naka de ・ b" —the Dawn ・ b—?)
  1. "Land of Cultivation of Aesthetic Sensibility" —Do What We say!— (「情操教育の国」 —Do What We say!—, "Jōsōkyōiku no Kuni" —Do What We say!—?)
  2. "Land of Mutterings" —My Daily Life— (「呟きの国」 —My Daily Life—, "Tsubuyaki no Kuni" —My Daily Life—?)
  3. "Land of Regulations" —Unreal Young Man— (「規制の国」 —Unreal Young Man—, "Kisei no Kuni" —Unreal Young Man—?)
  4. "Land of Better Fortune" —The Fifth "C", Cozenage— (「開運の国」 —The Fifth "C", Cozenage—, "Kaiun no Kuni" —The Fifth "C", Cozenage—?)
  5. "Land of Posthumous Works" —Write or Die— (「遺作の国」 —Write or Die—, "Isaku no Kuni" —Write or Die—?)
  6. "Land of Ruin" —Self-destruction— (「亡国の国」 —Self-destruction—, "Bōkoku no Kuni" —Self-destruction—?)
  7. "Land of Marriage" —Testament— (「結婚の国」 —Testament—, "Kekkon no Kuni" —Testament—?)
  8. "Land of Parasites" —Cure— (「寄生虫の国」 —Cure—, "Sekiichū no Kuni" —Cure—?)
  9. "A Discriminatory Land" —We Are NOT Like Us.— (「差別をする国」 —We Are NOT Like Us.—, "Sabetsu o Suru Kuni" —We Are NOT Like Us.—?)
  10. "Land of Cowards" —Toss-up— (「卑怯者の国」 —Toss-up—, "Hikyōmono no Kuni" —Toss-up—?)
Epilogue. "Amidst the Rising Sun ・ a" —the Dawn ・ a— (「朝日の中で ・ a」 —the Dawn ・ a—, "Asahi no Naka de ・ a" —the Dawn ・ a—?)
15 October 8, 2011 ISBN 978-4-0487-0962-0
Frontispiece. "A Land Found by Accident" —Eureka!— (「見つけてしまった国」 —Eureka!—, "Mitsuketeshimatta Kuni" —Eureka!—?)
Frontispiece. "A White Land" — Taste! — (「白い国」 —Taste!—, "Shiroi Kuni" —Taste! —?)
Prologue. "What it Means to Fight and Die ・ b" — Order! ・ b— (「戦って死ぬということ ・ b」 —Order! ・ b—, "Tatakatte Shinu Toiu Koto ・ b" —Order! ・ b—?)
  1. "Land of Beasts" —Standing Beast— (「ケダモノの国」 —Standing Beast—, "Kedamono no Kuni" —Standing Beast—?)
  2. "Land of Mania" —What I Want & Why I Want— (「マニアの国」 —What I Want & Why I Want—, "Mania no Kuni" —What I Want & Why I Want—?)
  3. "A Land with a Past" —What We Have Taught.— (「過去のある国」 —What We Have Taught.—, "Kako no Aru Kuni" —What We Have Taught.—?)
  4. "Photo's Every Day" —the Beautiful Moment— (「フォトの日々」 —the Beautiful Moment—, "Foto no Hibi" —the Beautiful Moment—?)
  5. "Land of Journalists" —How to Be a Liar— (「ジャーナリストの国」 —How to Be a Liar—, "Jānarisuto no Kuni" —How to Be a Liar—?)
  6. "Land with a Criminal" —He Had Done It.— (「犯人のいる国」 —He Had Done It.—, "Hannin no Iru Kuni" —He Had Done It.—?)
Epilogue. "What it Means to Fight and Die ・ a" — Order! ・ a— (「戦って死ぬということ ・ a」 —Order! ・ a—, "Tatakatte Shinu Toiu Koto ・ a" —Order! ・ a—?)
16 October 10, 2012 ISBN 978-4-0488-6980-5
Under the Cover. "A Tale of Birdcages" ―Cradle― (「鳥籠の話」 ―Cradle―, "Torikago no Hanashi" ―Cradle―?)
Frontispiece. "A Land with Day and Night" ―Counterclockwise― (「昼と夜がある国」 ―Counterclockwise―, "Hiru to Yoru ga Aru Kuni" ―Counterclockwise― ?)
Frontispiece. "A Rolling Land" ―Take Free If You Can!― (「転がっている国」 ―Take Free If You Can!―, "Korogatteiru Kuni" ―Take Free If You Can!―?)
Prologue. "Land of Love Letters ・ b" ―Confession ・ b― (「恋文の国 ・ b」 ―Confession ・ b―, "Koibumi no Kuni ・ b" ―Confession ・ b―?)
  1. "Land of Corpses" ―Spirits of the Dead― (「死人達の国」 ―Spirits of the Dead―, "Shinintachi no Kuni" ―Spirits of the Dead―?)
  2. "A Nurtured Land" ―Stand by me!― (「育てる国」 ―Stand by me!―, "Sodateru Kuni" ―Stand by me!―?)
  3. "A Land of Drunken Driving" ―Let's Play the Game!― (「飲酒運転の国」 ―Let's Play the Game!―, "Inshuunten no Kuni" ―Let's Play the Game!―?)
  4. "Land of Blood Types" ―Blood Typo― (「血液型の国」 ―Blood Typo―, "Ketsuekigata no Kuni" ―Blood Typo―?)
Epilogue. "Land of Love Letters ・ a" ―Confession ・ a― (「恋文の国 ・ a」 ―Confession ・ a―, "Koibumi no Kuni ・ a" ―Confession ・ a―?)
Special. "Unseen Truth" ―Family Picture― (「見えない真実」 ―Family Picture―, "Mienai Shinjitsu" ―Family Picture―?)
Special. "Something Left Behind" ―Return― (「残されたもの」 ―Return―, "Nokosareta Mono" ―Return―?)

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