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Some of these names have parallels in the Gesta Danorum by Saxo Grammaticus.

  • Wihtlæg (as Wiglecus). Wihtlæg married Nanna. Deposed Fiallar, King of Scania and defeated and killed Amleth, King of the Jutes.
  • Wermund (as Wermundus). After a long reign, Wermund suffered an invasion by Eadgils of the Myrgings (fl. c.370) who slew Freawine, governor of Schleswig (ancestor of the kings of Wessex).
  • Offa of Angel (as Uffa). Offa married a daughter of Freawine. Regarded as a simpleton in youth, Offa fought the Saxons at Rendsburg on an island in the River Eider, thereby securing his southern border with them.

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