List of Karl & Co Episodes - Season 3: 2000-2001

Season 3: 2000-2001

# Total Title
1 42 "En sten til byrden"
Karl has a kidney stone and his friends are concerned.
2 43 "En topp modell"
Unwittingly Ulf becomes a nude model.
3 44 "Full Pott"
Mrs. Frantzen comes up with a new football pool system, while Karl and Ulf have a falling out.
4 45 "Et viktig vedtak"
Karl and Ulf argue about the building of a gazebo and Smestad accidentally runs over a neighbor's dog.
5 46 "Lyse utsikter"
Karl tries to market Magda's homemade chocolate.
6 47 "Tjukke slekta"
Vigdis is obsessed about genealogy and finds out that she and Karl are related to the Royal family of Norway.
7 48 "I beste mening"
A new neighbor has moved into the block and the gang puts on a welcome party for him.
8 49 "Evig Din"
Mrs. Frantzen has found the love of her life - Smestad.
9 50 "Kjærleik og rosa drømmer (Part 1)"
Mrs. Frantzen moves in with Smestad and Vigdis finds a new man.
10 51 "Kjærleik og rosa drømmer (Part 2)"
Ulf is on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Karl tries to help out.
11 52 "Gode råd er dyre"
Smestad decides to go to Germany to get further education in the janitor work.
12 53 "På solsiden"
Vigdis starts a tanning place and Karl is eager to make some money off it.
13 54 "Til tjeneste"
Vigdis has trouble getting costumers to her tanning place and Ulf gets a new job.
14 55 "Velvære i bøtter og spann"
Smestad is back from Germany.
15 56 "Den store dagen nærmer seg"
The big day for Mrs. Frantzen and Smestad is approaching.
16 57 "Tre menn og en liten sofa"
Smestad and Ulf have to move in with Karl.
17 58 "Har du en femmer"
Karl's having success with his new marketing project, and his friends take advantage of that.
18 59 "Evig ung?"
Ulf starts a newspaper and Vigdis is concerned about her breasts.
19 60 "Stå på krava"
Smestad goes on strike and Ulf and Karl try to negotiate with him.
20 61 "Smil til fotografen"
Ulf takes photography lessons and uses his friends as models.
21 62 "Det stunder til (Part 1)"
Smestad starts having cold feet about his wedding with Mrs. Frantzen.
22 63 "Det stunder til (Part 2)"
After many trials and tribulations, Smestad and Mrs. Frantzen finally get married.

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