List of Kamen Rider Kiva Characters - No Side - Akira Kido

Akira Kido

Akira Kido (木戸 明, Kido Akira?) is the owner of the Café mald'amour (カフェ・マル・ダムール, kafe maru damūru?) and an acquaintance of Otoya's in the past, a rival with Shima in who has a lower body fat percentage in 1985, with him constantly losing. He owns a Golden Retriever named Buruman (ぶるまん, Buruman?), a puppy in 1986 and a fully grown dog in 2008. He is the first few to know that Wataru is Otoya's son. Akira and Otoya do not get along, although Buruman took an instant liking to the violinist. Akira was also a fan of the popular at the time song group, Onyanko Club. In the aftermath of the final battle, while Buruman was staying at a vet, Akira took in a black Pug named Sayuri.

Akira Kido is portrayed by Houka Kinoshita (木下 ほうか, Kinoshita Hōka?).

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