List of Journalists Killed in Russia - A List of Journalists Killed in Russia - The Medvedev Presidency - 2008-2011



  1. 31 August - Magomed Yevloyev, Ingush oppositionist, founder of, Moscow-based lawyer, shot on return to country while in custody of Ingush police officers. Killer convicted of negligent homicide, sentence subsequently mitigated. Homicide. Conviction .
  2. 2 September - Abdulla Alishayev, (aka Telman Alishayev), TV presenter on Muslim channel, shot dead in car, Makhachkala. Homicide .


  1. 4 January - Shafig Amrakhov, editor of news agency RIA 51,Murmansk, was shot in stairwell entrance from the traumatic pistol on 30 December 2008 and died in hospital. Homicide .
  2. 4 January - Vladislav Zakharchuk, manager of the Arsenyevskie vesti newspaper in Vladivostok. Died in a fire under suspicious circumstances..
  3. 19 January - Anastasia Baburova, Novaya gazeta, Moscow.On 19 January Stanislav Markelov, lawyer for Novaya gazeta, anti-fascist activist and opponent of human rights abuses in Chechnya, was shot and killed in the centre of Moscow. With him died Anastasia Baburova a trainee reporter with Novaya Gazeta, and a fellow anti-fascist activist. In early November 2009 a man and a woman were arrested for the killing. Homicide .
  4. 30 March - Sergei Protazanov, layout artist with Grazhdanskoye soglasie newspaper, Khimki nr. Moscow. Link to work questioned. Incident not Confirmed .
  5. 29 June - Vyacheslav Yaroshenko, chief editor of Corruption and Criminality newspaper in Volgograd died after a severe head injuries in June. He was allegedly struck in the temple by the unknown assailant, although the local police claims fall from the ladder as the reason for injury.


  1. 15 July - Natalia Estemirova, a human rights activist with Memorial, who worked with journalists from Novaya gazeta, especially Anna Politkovskaya, and occasionally published in the newspaper herself, having been a TV reporter pre-1999. After years of investigating murders and kidnapping in Chechnya Estemirova was herself abducted that morning in Grozny and found, shot dead, by the roadside several hours later in neighbouring Ingushetia. Homicide .
  2. 11 August - Malik Akhmedilov, deputy chief editor of the Avar language newspaper Khakikat (Truth), was found shot dead near the Dagestan capital Makhachkala. Homicide .
  3. 25 October - Maksharip Aushev was shot dead in Nalchik, capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. When Magomed Yevloyev gave up running, and his replacement (Rosa Malsagova) had to flee abroad to escape threats and harassment, Aushev ran the successor website Link to past or present work unclear. Homicide .
  4. 16 November - Olga Kotovskaya, Kaskad radio & TV company, Kaliningrad. Died in a fall from 14th storey-building under suspicious circumstances. Investigation under "Incitement to suicide" (Article 110). .


  1. 20 January - Konstantin Popov died from a beating received a fortnight earlier by Russian police, in a detoxification centre for drunk and disorderly. 26-year-old police sergeant charged with his killing. Homicide .
  2. 23 February - Journalist Ivan Stepanov was stabbed to death at his dacha. The murderers have been arrested and sentenced to 16 and 18 years of prison. Homicide .
  3. 20 March - Maxim Zuyev was found murdered in a Kaliningrad flat he was renting. Seven years earlier he was interrogated by the city's police for publishing an anonymous letter alleging corruption among high-ranking police officers in the enclave. "Crime solved", says Investigative Committee .
  4. 5 May - Shamil Aliyev, founder of two radio stations and a director of TV network was shot in his car by two unidentified attackers, who also killed his bodyguard and wounded driver. Homicide
  5. 13 May - Said Magomedov, director of local television station, Sergokalinsky district, Dagestan. Shot dead when travelling with repairmen to restore sabotaged TV transmitter. Terrorist act .
  6. 25 June - Dmitry Okkert, Moscow. A presenter with the Expert TV channel, Okkert was found stabbed to death in his own apartment. The director of the Expert media holding, Valery Fadeyev, does not believe that the brutal killing of his colleague was linked to his journalistic activities. Homicide .
  7. 25 July - Bella Ksalova, Cherkessk. A correspondent for the Caucasian Knot website and news agency, Ksalova died in a hospital after being hit by a car near her home. The driver was sentenced to 3 1/4 years in penal colony.
  8. 1 August - Malika Betiyeva, Grozny-Shatoi highway. The deputy chief editor of Molodyozhnaya smena, and Chechnya correspondent of the "Dosh" (Word) magazine, died with four of her immediate family when a speeding jeep crashed into her car.
  9. 11 August - Magomed Sultanmagomedov, Makhachkala. The director of the "Makhachkala TV" station died in the hospital after his car was shot at from another vehicle. This was preceded by an attempted bombing in 18 November 2008.
  10. 23 October - Yevgeny Fedotov died in a hospital due to the head injuries received in a violent quarell with his neighbour. The latter has been charged for manslaughter.


  1. 15 December - Gadzhimurat Kamalov, Makhachkala. Investigative reporter - shot 6 times in a drive-by outside his newspaper's offices.

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