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The Misfits

  • Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor (voiced by Patricia Alice Albrecht, singing voice recorded by Ellen Bernfield) – Pizzazz is an archetypal spoiled rich girl who is the lead vocals and guitarist of the Misfits. Pizzazz was raised by her tycoon father Harvey Gabor and spoiled as a child. Pizzazz is the primary antagonist of the show, constantly trying to upstage Jem and the Holograms, she has been shown to be attracted to Rio (Jem/Jerrica's boyfriend), Sean Harrison (British teen idol and Kimber's on-and-off boyfriend), and Riot (of The Stingers). Pizzazz despises her real name "Phyllis" and is prone to fits of rage if things don't go her way. Although Pizzazz has been raised in the presence of wealth and privilege her entire life and does enjoy the comforts it affords, she doesn't truly crave them as one would expect and instead desires to be famous and the object of adoration. In "The Day the Music Died", she and Eric Raymond had to give Starlight Music back to Jerrica after the Starlight Girls deliberately bothered them so much.
  • Roxanne "Roxy" Pellegrini (voiced by Samantha Paris) – Roxy is the Misfits' tough-as-nails bassist who also provides the backup vocals. A high school dropout from Philadelphia, she was almost completely illiterate until one of the Starlight girls, Ba Nee, gave her a kid's book to learn to read. She takes an instant dislike to new Misfit Jetta, and the two are often at odds with each other.
  • Mary "Stormer" Phillips (voiced by Susan Blu, singing voice recorded by Lani Groves) – Stormer is the primary songwriter of the Misfits, Keytarist for the band, and overall creative force behind the group (though she is almost never given credit for it). While Stormer does seem to enjoy causing mostly harmless mischief, she has never done anything truly malicious to Jem and the Holograms and often expressed concern over some of the Misfits' more ambitious attempts to upstage them. Sweet-natured and compassionate, Stormer is often pushed around by the other Misfits. In the episode, "The Bands Break Up", she and Kimber forge a friendship when both women, feeling unappreciated by their band-mates, strike out on their own, join forces, and record an album together. Though Stormer eventually returns to The Misfits (and Kimber to The Holograms), she does so with new-found self-assurance, and remains friends with Kimber.
  • Sheila "Jetta" Burns (voiced by Louise Dorsey) – Jetta became the newest Misfit when Stormer hears Jetta playing the saxophone in a seedy dance club during a search for new talent. Jetta, a conceited pathological liar, is originally from Wessex, England and comes from a poor family; despite this, she likes telling people her family has close ties with the British Royal Family. Jetta is also a skilled pickpocket. Extremely perceptive and stuck-up, Jetta almost immediately begins a rivalry with Roxy. Jetta's parents, Bertie and Flo, made an appearance in the episode "Britrock" and like their daughter are always looking to make a quick buck.

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