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The Young Bond series of novels was started by Charlie Higson and, between 2005 and 2009, five novels and one short story were published. The first Young Bond novel, SilverFin was also adapted and released as a graphic novel on 2 October 2008 by Puffin Books. Comic book artist Kev Walker illustrated Higson's novel. Young Bond is set in the 1930s, which would fit the chronology with that of Fleming.

I deliberately steered clear of anything post Fleming. My books are designed to fit in with what Fleming wrote and nothing else. I also didn't want to be influenced by any of the other books ... for now my Bible is Fleming.

Charlie Higson

Higson stated that he was instructed by the Fleming estate to ignore all other interpretations of Bond, except the original Fleming version. As the background to Bond's childhood, Higson used Bond's obituary in You Only Live Twice as well as his own and Fleming's childhoods. In forming the early Bond character, Higson created the origins of some of Bond's character traits, including his love of cars and fine wine.

Title Author Publisher Date Length (first edition) Plot Ref.
SilverFin Charlie Higson Puffin Books 02005-03-01 March 2005 372 pp Bond meets Lord Randolph Hellebore, an arms dealer and father of fellow Etonian George Hellebore; Hellebore has a castle near to Bond's new home on Scotland and, whilst on holiday, Bond investigates the disappearance of local boy Alfie Kelly. Bond soon finds out that Hellebore is involved in creating a pill to create better and stronger soldiers by manipulating the endocrine system and had tested this pill on Alfie, but that Alfie had died. With help, Bond brings an end to the tests.
Blood Fever Charlie Higson Puffin Books 02006-01-01 January 2006 384 pp Whilst on a school trip to Sardinia, Bond comes up against the Millenaria, a secret Italian society that has plans to restore the Roman Empire. Bond meets Count Ugo Carnifex, the head of the Millenaria who tortures him by using mosquitoes. Bond escapes, rescuing the sister of a fellow Etonian in the process and Carnifex's castle is destroyed by an embittered employee.
Double or Die Charlie Higson Puffin Books 02007-01-01 January 2007 389 pp A master from Eton is kidnapped and sends a letter back to his boys with cryptic clues about his kidnap. Bond's room mate Pritpal Nandra solves most of the clues whilst Bond and fellow school friend Perry Mandeville go in search of the missing master. Bond finds the master, who has been kidnapped by the Russians in order to build a prototype computer and, with help, manages to rescue him.
Hurricane Gold Charlie Higson Puffin Books 02007-09-01 September 2007 372 pp Bond is on holiday with his aunt when the house in which he is staying is violently burgled and two children are kidnapped. Bond give chase and is captured, but convinces them he is a local street thug and they allow him to join the gang. One of the children is ill and a villain has a change of heart and smuggles him away to a local hospital: Bond eventually rescues the second child. The pair then chase the one remaining gangster to an island retreat for villains where Bond runs La Avenida de Muerte in order to escape.
By Royal Command Charlie Higson Puffin Books 02008-09-01 September 2008 354 pp Bond travels to KitzbĂĽhel, Austria on an Eton school trip, but is under surveillance for the journey. On his return to Eton Bond foils a plot to assassinate King George V. Still under surveillance, Bond falls in love with a communist maid at Eton and they are eventually forced to flee back to Austria, from where the plot originated.
SilverFin Charlie Higson & Kevin Walker Puffin Books 02008-10-01 October 2008 155 pp The graphic novel of SilverFin: Bond battles Lord Randolph Hellebore and stops Hellebore's research into creating mutant soldiers; he also finds out the fate of a missing local boy in the process—killed during the testing process of Hellebore's drug.
Man to kill !"A Hard Man to Kill" (short story) Charlie Higson Puffin Books 02009-10-01 October 2009 064 !64 pp Bond and his Aunt Charmian are travelling back from the Caribbean on the SS Colombie but come across a villain named Emil Lefebvre and a mysterious hooded convict named Caiboche.

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