List of James Bond Novels - Post-Fleming James Bond Novels - 1996–2002: Raymond Benson

1996–2002: Raymond Benson

In 1996, American author Raymond Benson became the writer of the Bond novels. Benson had previously written The James Bond Bedside Companion, first published in 1984. By the time he moved on to other, non-Bond related projects in 2002, Benson had written six Bond novels, three novelizations and three short stories. Benson followed Gardner's pattern of setting Bond in the contemporary timeframe of the 1990s and, according to academic Jeremy Black, had more echoes of Fleming's style than John Gardner. Benson also changed Bond's gun back to the Walther PPK, put him behind the wheel of a Jaguar XK8 and made him swear more, which led Black to note that there was an increased level of crudity lacking in either Fleming or Gardner. However, commenting in The Australian, Peter JansonSmith, Fleming's former literary agent, noted that Benson "has got the Fleming feel ... It's as close to Fleming as I have seen." The Peterborough Evening Telegraph agreed, stating that with Benson's 007, in keeping more with Fleming, "PC-ness goes out the window and it's a more ruthless Bond with bad habits." The Sunday Mercury in 1999 said, "Benson has made Bond less gimmicky, concentrating on the action rather than the gadgets. The result is a slick enough read for dedicated Bond fans who like blazing guns (Walthers, of course) and beautiful women" and Kirkus Reviews called Benson's 007 "a chip off the old block and, if not a gilt-edged Bond, at least a double-A."

Title Author Publisher Date Length (first edition) Plot Ref.
Blast From the Past !"Blast From the Past" (short story) Raymond Benson Playboy 01997-01-01 January 1997 Bond receives a message, apparently from James Suzuki, his son, asking him to come to New York City on a matter of urgency. When Bond arrives, he finds his son murdered. He learns that James was killed in revenge by Irma Bunt for the murder of Blofeld. Bond meets and kills Bunt.
Zero Minus Ten Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton 01997-04-01 April 1997 259 pp Ten days before Britain returns Hong Kong, a series of terrorist attacks occur. Bond establishes that behind them is wealthy shipping magnate Guy Thackeray, whose company is taken over by the Chinese. By way of revenge, Thackeray plans to detonate a nuclear weapon in Hong Kong: Bond disarms the bomb and kills Thackeray.
Tomorrow Never Dies (novelization) Raymond Benson Coronet Books 01997-11-01 November 1997 213 pp A novelization of Tomorrow Never Dies. Bond investigates media baron Elliot Carver, who is trying to create news by causing a war between Britain and China, which would also allow him broadcasting rights in China. Bond joins forces with Wai Lin, a Chinese agent, to defeat Carver and avoid war.
Facts of Death !The Facts of Death Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton 01998-05-01 May 1998 284 pp Sinister organisation The Decada are behind a series of poisonings aimed at British and Turkish military personnel. Bond tracks the head of the organisation to Greece where he is trying to cause a war between Greece and Turkey, which Bond stops.
Midsummer Night's Doom !"Midsummer Night's Doom" (short story) Raymond Benson Playboy 01999-01-01 January 1999 009 !9 pp Bond attends a party at Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California where Ministry of Defence secrets are expected to be sold to a representative of the Russian Mafia.
High Time to Kill Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton 01999-05-01 May 1999 304 pp A top secret British formula hidden in microfilm, codenamed "Skin 17" was stolen by two traitors who plan to sell it to the terrorist organisation "The Union". The microfilm is on a plane that crashes in the Himalayas and Bond climbs Mount Kangchenjunga to retrieve it. He battles a traitor in the climbing team, but retrieves the secret.
Live at Five !"Live at Five" (short story) Raymond Benson TV Guide (American edition) 01999-11-01 November 1999 On the way to a date with a female television news reporter, 007 recalls how he once helped a Russian figure skating champion defect in full view of television cameras.
World Is Not Enough !The World Is Not Enough (novelization) Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton 01999-11-01 November 1999 200 pp A novelization of The World Is Not Enough. Bond is tasked with protecting Elektra King after the murder of her father inside the MI6 building. Bond establishes a connection between her head of security and the international terrorist Renard, who is stealing plutonium in order to destroy Istanbul on behalf of Elektra. Bond kills both Renard and Elektra.
DoubleShot Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton 02000-05-01 May 2000 320 pp After he foiled their plans, terrorist organisation The Union target Bond with a plan to plunge Britain into war and destroy Bond's reputation in the process by having a Bond double kill the British Prime Minister and the Governor of Gibraltar. Bond uncovers the plan and kills the double, preventing the assassinations.
Never Dream of Dying Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton 02001-11-01 November 2001 320 pp Bond is again in the hunt for The Union and is chasing Le Gerant, the Blind head of the organisation. After a police raid goes wrong René Mathis goes after Le Gerant, followed by Bond.
Man with the Red Tattoo !The Man with the Red Tattoo Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton 02002-05-01 May 2002 320 pp Bond is in Japan to protect the prime minister at a conference and to investigate mysterious deaths in the McMahon family, who ran pharmaceutical giant CureLab. Bond reunites with Tiger Tanaka to pursue terrorist Goro Yoshida who is using biological weapons to punish Western society and plots an end to western domination. Bond kills him and negates any threats.
Die Another Day (novelization) Raymond Benson Coronet Books 02002-11-01 November 2002 245 pp A novelization of Die Another Day. Bond investigates the North Korean Colonel Tan-Sun Moon and tracks his assistant Zao to clinic where his appearance is altered. Bond finds diamonds on Zao bearing the crest of British billionaire Gustav Graves and establishes Graves is the facially-reconstructed Moon, who is attempting to reunite North and South Korea by force, which Bond stops, killing Moon in the process.

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