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Fictional Chronologies

Independent scholar John Griswold constructed a "high-level chronology of James Bond's life", based on the logic of depicted events and actual time periods referred to in the books. This chronology differs from the publication sequence. Griswold also deliberately discounts the chronological significance of actual historic events mentioned in the novels and stories, arguing that Fleming made such references for effect without synchronising them accurately to his fiction. Fellow Bond-scholar Henry Chancellor also worked through the Bond chronology, which broadly agrees with Griswold, although there are differences. Chancellor noted that "Fleming was always vague about dates", although the novels are supposed to be set in order of publication.

Bond chronologies
Episode Griswold chronology Chancellor chronology
Casino Royale 1.1 !May to July 1951, or May to July 1952 01951-01-011951
Live and Let Die 1.2 !January to February 1952 01952-01-011952
Moonraker 1.3 !May 1953 01953-01-011953
Diamonds Are Forever 1.4 !July to 1 August 1953 01954-01-011954
From Russia, with Love 1.5 !June to August 1954 01955-01-011955
Dr. No 1.6 !February to March 1956 01956-01-011956
Goldfinger 1.7 !April to June 1957 01957-01-011957
"Risico" 1.8 !October 1957 01957-10-01October 1957
"Quantum of Solace" 1.9 !February 1958 01957-10-01October 1957
"The Hildebrand Rarity" 2.1 !April 1958 01958-04-01April 1958
"From a View to a Kill" 2.2 !May 1958 01958-05-01May 1958
"For Your Eyes Only" 2.3 !September to October 1958 01958-10-01October 1958
Thunderball 2.4 !May to June 1959 01959-01-011959
"Octopussy" 2.5 !June 1960 01960-01-011960
"The Living Daylights" 2.6 !September to October 1960 01959-10-01October 1959
"The Property of a Lady" 2.7 !June 1961 01961-06-01June 1961
Chapters 1–5 of On Her Majesty's Secret Service 2.8 !September 1961 01961-01-011961
"007 in New York" 2.9 !end of September 1961 01961-01-011961
Chapters 10–15 of The Spy Who Loved Me 3.1 !October 1961 01960-01-011960
Chapters 6–20 of On Her Majesty's Secret Service 3.2 !November 1961 to 1 January 1962 01961-01-011961 to 1 January 1962
You Only Live Twice 3.3 !August 1962 to April 1963 01962-01-011962–1963
The Man With the Golden Gun 3.4 !November 1963 to February 1964 01963-01-011963

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