List of James Bond Jr. Characters - VHS Releases - UK Releases

UK Releases

Release name UK release date Episodes Included REF
James Bond Jr—The Beginning 1993 The Beginning, A Race Against Disaster, Red Star One, Appointment in Macau
James Bond Jr—A Worm in the Apple 1993 A Worm in the Apple, Dance of the Toreadors, No Such Loch
James Bond Jr—The Eiffel Missile 1993 The Eiffel Missile
James Bond Jr versus Jaws the Metallic Munch 1993 Plunder Down Under, Ship of Terror, Invaders from SCUM
The Biggest Ever Saturday Morning Picture Show 1993 The Chameleon
The Biggest Ever Saturday Morning Heroes 1993 The Inhuman Race, It’s All in the Timing

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