List of Isaac Asimov's Robot Series Characters - Vasilia Fastolfe

Vasilia Fastolfe (also known as Vasilia Aliena) is a character from Isaac Asimov's Robot series. She is described as short and of looks similar to that of Gladia Solaria.

The daughter of the famous roboticist Han Fastolfe, she is a great roboticist in her own right, famous for manipulating R. Giskard Reventlov, the robot assigned to her by her father, unwittingly giving him telepathic powers.

Later in life she was part of the robotics institute of Aurora and was in line to become the director. Her determination to not be in the planet during her father's death got her traveling to other Spacer worlds and therefore, when on Solaria, she came across specific mind patterns and associated it with telepathy, thereby discovering R. Giskard's powers. She tries to use the laws of robotics to get Giskard's possession in the duel scene from Robots and Empire. But with the help of R. Daneel Olivaw and their explanation of the three laws of Robotics, Giskard modifies her mind and she remembers nothing.

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