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Mobile Technology

In May 2008, the mobile phone maker Samsung said that it would create a mobile phone specifically for the Irish-language market, which would include Irish-language predictive text.

Later on, in November 2008, Samsung then announced all of its new phones launched from 2009 onwards would have "Gael Fón" - a feature allowing Irish as a language option, including predictive text, which was developed by the company - as standard.

As of November 2012, Adaptxt, a predictive texting app for Android, also includes Irish (alongside Scottish Gaelic and Manx) as an available language.

Irish language Apps:

  • Abair leat (Irish language social networking site app)
  • Bábóg Baby
  • Cliúsaíocht as Gaeilge
  • Cúla 4
  • CúlaCaint
  • Enjoy Irish
  • Get the Focal
  • Greann Gaeilge

& lots more.

October 2012 TG4 (Irish language TV channel) launched three new children apps for Iphones/Ipads/Ipods:

  • Cúlacaint2
  • Olly an Veain Bheag Bhán
  • Ag Sparoi le Claude (released near the end of 2012)

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