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The ferrets usually can be seen carrying Stu around in his fishbowl on a stretcher, similarly to how the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were transported. When his money-making schemes involve heavy labour, they are the ones who do it. Despite all the trouble they go through for their boss, he never sees their work as satisfactory, and they repeatedly get called lazy (and other demeaning terms), are forced to sleep under a rock, and their position as his henchmen is sometimes threatened. When abused too severely, they have abandoned him - even in bad situations - but have always returned due to their loyal nature.

The ferrets briefly worked for Iggy in "Fair is Ferret", because he was nice to them. However, he didn't want them stealing things for him from around the park, or tying up the other residents (an acknowledged talent of theirs), so he devised a plan to make them work for Stu again.

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