List of ICD-9 Codes E and V Codes: External Causes of Injury and Supplemental Classification - (e916–e928) Other Accidents

(e916–e928) Other Accidents

    • E916 Struck accidentally by falling object
    • E917 Striking against or struck accidentally by objects or persons
    • E918 Caught accidentally in or between objects
    • E919 Accidents caused by machinery
    • E920 Accidents caused by cutting and piercing instruments or objects
    • E921 Accident caused by explosion of pressure vessel
    • E922 Accident caused by firearm and air gun missile
    • E923 Accident caused by explosive material
    • E924 Accident caused by hot substance or object, caustic or corrosive material, and steam
    • E925 Accident caused by electric current
    • E926 Exposure to radiation
    • E927 Overexertion and strenuous and repetitive movements or loads
    • E927.0 Overexertion from sudden strenuous movement
    • E927.1 Overexertion from prolonged static position
    • E927.2 Excessive physical exertion from prolonged activity
    • E927.3 Cumulative trauma from repetitive motion
    • E927.4 Cumulative trauma from repetitive impact
    • E927.8 Other overexertion and strenuous and repetitive movements or loads
    • E927.9 Unspecified overexertion and strenuous and repetitive movements or loads

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