List of Houston Texans Head Coaches

List Of Houston Texans Head Coaches

The Houston Texans are a professional American football team based in Houston, Texas. They are members of the South Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The Texans joined the NFL in 2002 as an expansion team and have always played at the Reliant Stadium. Houston's previous franchise, the Houston Oilers, moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997, and changed their name to the Tennessee Titans in 1999.

There have been two head coaches for the Texans franchise. Their first head coach was Dom Capers, who coached from 2002 to 2005. He was replaced by Gary Kubiak, who has coached the team since 2006, and is the team's leader in wins (59), losses (53) and winning percentage (.527).

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List Of Houston Texans Head Coaches - Coaches
... Term Regular Season Playoffs Achievements Reference GC W L T Win% GC W L Houston Texans 1 Dom Capers 2002–2005 0..281 — — — 2 Gary Kubiak 2006–present 0..527 2. ...

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