List of Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania Songs - List - GuitarFreaks 9th Mix & Percussion Freaks/DrumMania 8th Mix

GuitarFreaks 9th Mix & Percussion Freaks/DrumMania 8th Mix

Song Name Artist Tier
777 EeL From Pop'n Music 8
Also appeared on Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 & REFLEC BEAT
Black horizon Trick Trap
Country day Anna Vieste
GET READY 古川もとあき
I'm a loser 樽木栄一郎
Impulse of Blue TAEKO
less MAKI
Out of Breath Thomas Howard Lichtenstein
Show Business Cymbals
S.P.I.P. Thomas' family with Yah Yah's
TIERRA BUENA WILMA DE OLIVEIRA Also appeared on Dance Dance Revolution Supernova
Utopia 寺島純子
YOU CAN'T DO IT 古川もとあき
あさき Also appeared on ee' mall & Dance Dance Revolution Supernova
瞬的愛歌(JET LOVE) Handsome JET Project
Des-ROW・組 From Pop'n Music 6
BeForU Also appeared on ee' mall 2nd avenue & Dance Dance Revolution Supernova
(Namida no regret)
(Hana no Uta)
(Ringo to Hachimitsu)
亜熱帯マジ-SKA爆弾 feat.MAKI From Pop'n Music 7
(Sunday Driver)
WILD SPIKE Licensed song
BEAMS (Kuroyume) Licensed song (cover)
CROSS ROAD (Mr. Children) Licensed song (cover)
DIAMONDS (Princess Princess) Licensed song (cover)
PARTY HARD (Andrew W.K.) Licensed song (cover)
Shining ray (Janne Da Arc) Licensed song (cover)
Show Business (Cymbals) Licensed song (cover)
(Hitomi Yaida) Licensed song (cover)
(Spitz) Licensed song (cover)
(Bay Side Baby)
(Hysteric Blue) Licensed song (cover)

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