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Other Minor Characters

  • Joe the Bartender (Steven W. Bailey): The owner of the Emerald City Bar, located across from the hospital, where the doctors often go for a drink. Joe collapsed due to an aneurysm in "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head," and Derek and Burke performed a stand-still surgery to repair it. Joe and his boyfriend Walter attended the Thanksgiving Izzie hosted at Meredith's house, and they went on a camping trip with Dr. Shepherd, Burke, Webber, Karev and O'Malley. During this trip, Joe revealed during a discussion with the Chief that although he and Walter had been "on-and-off" for about ten years, they were now committed and considering the possibility of children. They are one of two couples being considered as adoptive parents for a young mother's twins.
  • Walter (Brian Reid/Jack Yang): Joe's boyfriend. Walter has been played by Jack Yang in all of his appearances except in the episode "Let It Be", where he is played by Brian Reid.
  • Bonnie Crasnoff (Monica Keena): A patient admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital after being in a train crash. She and another passenger, Tom, were connected by a large metal pole passing through their bodies. Since moving the pole would kill them, the doctors decided to move one of the patients off the pole, then operate around the pole to repair the damage in the other patient. Since her injuries were more severe, they decided to move her, and she died almost immediately. Bonnie reappeared in Season 3 as part of Meredith's dream after drowning.
  • Dennison "Denny" Duquette, Jr. (Jeffrey Dean Morgan): A patient waiting for a heart transplant. He developed a close relationship with Izzie Stevens, and eventually proposed to her. Izzie risked her career to save him by cutting his LVAD wire, insuring that he would become so ill that he would get a new heart. He died shortly after the transplant from a blood clot. He reappeared in season three, as part of Meredith's dream after drowning, and again in season five. Izzie began to see Denny everywhere, which was eventually revealed to be a symptom of her brain tumor. He first appeared in the season two episode, "Begin the Begin", and made his last appearance in the season five episode, "Here's to Future Days".
  • Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler): The commanding officer of the Seattle PD bomb squad that responded to the bomb scare. He helped to keep Meredith calm as she held the bomb located inside a patient's body. She removed the bomb safely from the patient, but it exploded while Dylan carried it out of the OR. He reappeared in Season 3 as part of Meredith's dream after drowning.
  • Amanda (Shannon Lucio): A young woman saved from being hit by a bus by George, who was subsequently dragged several yards by the bus. Amanda was extremely concerned about him, and she stayed with him in the ICU and referred to him as "her prince." She attended George's funeral and cried harder than his own mother. Amanda kept a daily vigil outside the hospital until Izzie confronted her, pointing out that she was still alive thanks to George, and that she should honor him by living her life.
  • Rebecca Pope or "Ava" (Elizabeth Reaser): A patient suffering from amnesia after being badly injured in the ferry crash. She was discovered by Dr. Alex Karev, and they developed a very close relationship. While at Seattle Grace, she delivered a baby girl and underwent extensive facial reconstruction surgery, performed by Dr. Mark Sloan. She eventually regained her memory and went home with her husband Jeff, although before leaving she pleaded with Alex to "give a reason to stay." She returned six weeks later claiming to be pregnant with his child. Although initially upset, Alex eventually became excited about having a baby with her; however, it was revealed that she was suffering from a hysterical pregnancy. When she attempted suicide, Izzie intervened and had her admitted to the psychiatric ward. Elizabeth Reaser was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series at the 59th Ceremony, for her role on the show.
  • Gary Clark (Michael O'Neill): Husband of a patient at Seattle Grace. His wife was treated by Dr. Lexie Grey and Dr. Webber. After surgery his wife went into a coma, and since she had earlier signed a DNR, she was taken off life support. Clark filed a lawsuit against Dr. Shepherd for wrongful death, but lost. In the Season 6 finale, he returned to the hospital intending to kill Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Lexie Grey, and Dr. Webber. He ended up shooting several other people, including Derek Shepherd, Owen Hunt, Reed Adamson, Charles Percy, and Alex Karev. After a tense standoff with Dr. Webber, he used his last bullet to commit suicide instead of killing Dr. Webber.
  • Mary Portman (Mandy Moore): She was Miranda Bailey's patient during the Seattle Grace shooting. She is the wife of Bill Portman. She helped Miranda attempt to save the life of Charles Percy and despite their efforts he died. She returned to the hospital six months later to have the colostomy reversal she was supposed to have the day of the shooting. The surgery was successful, but sadly, Mary never woke up. She was taken off life support one month later and died.
  • Bill Portman (Ryan Devlin): Husband of Mary Portman.

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