List of Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual People: Ba–Bh - B


Name Lifetime Nationality Notable as Notes
Lisa B b. ? Canadian Poet B
Jamie Babbit b. 1970 American Film and television director L
Paul Babeu b. 1969 American Politician G
Babydaddy b. 1976 American Rock musician G
Peter Bacanovic b. 1962 American Stockbroker, defendant in ImClone trial G
Dirk Bach 1961–2012 German Actor, comedian G
Don Bachardy b. 1934 American Artist G
Ruth Badger b. 1978 English Reality show contestant, television presenter, business consultant L
Joan Baez b. 1941 American Folk musician B
Bai Ling b. 1966 American Actress B
Paul Bailey b. 1937 British Writer G
Sheryl Bailey American Jazz musician L
Simon Bailey 1955–1995 English Anglican priest G
Jon Robin Baitz b. 1961 American Playwright, television producer G
Jack Baker b. 1942 American Attorney, LGBT rights activist G
James Robert Baker 1946–1997 American Author G
Josephine Baker 1906–1975 American Entertainer B
John Roman Baker b. ? British Playwright G
Marina Baker b. 1967 English Writer, politician B
John Balance 1962–2004 English Rock and experimental musician G
Kuwasi Balagoon 1946—1986 American Black Panther, writer B
Clare Balding b. 1971 English BBC sports journalist L
Long John Baldry 1941–2005 English Blues-rock musician G
James Baldwin 1924–1987 American Writer G
Oliver Baldwin, 2nd Earl Baldwin of Bewdley 1899–1958 English Politician G
Tammy Baldwin b. 1962 American Member of the United States House of Representatives (D – Wisconsin) L
Cristobal Balenciaga 1885–1972 Spanish Fashion designer G
Alan Ball b. 1957 American Screenwriter G
Amy Balliett b. 1982 American LGBT rights activist L
Ann Bancroft b. 1955 American First woman to reach the North Pole L
Herman Bang 1857–1912 Danish Writer G
Tallulah Bankhead 1902–1968 American Actress B
Azealia Banks b. 1991 American Musician B
Briana Banks b. 1978 American Porn star B
Christopher Banks b. 1977 New Zealander Music producer, journalist G
Kaushalya Bannerji b. ? Canadian Poet L
Ann Bannon b. 1932 American Author L
Patricia Barber b. 1956 American Jazz musician L
Samuel Barber 1910–1981 American Classical music composer G
Jillian Barberie b. 1966 American Television host B
Paris Barclay b. 1956 American Television director G
Alexander Bard b. 1961 Swedish Pop musician B
Jean-Pierre Barda b. 1967 Swedish Musician, actor B
Clive Barker b. 1952 English Author, film director G
Gregory Barker b. 1966 English Politician G
R. H. Barlow 1918–1951 American Writer, anthropologist G
Djuna Barnes 1892–1982 American Writer B
Fred Barnes 1885–1938 English Entertainer G
Hazel Barnes b. 1915 American Philosopher L
Micah Barnes b. 1960 Canadian Pop musician G
Rev. Paul Barnes b. 1954 American Clergy G
Richard Barnes b. ? English Politician G
James Barnett b. 1986 American Activist G
Lisa A. Barnett 1958–2006 American Science Fiction and fantasy writer L
Tim Barnett b. 1958 New Zealander Member of the Parliament of New Zealand G
Natalie Clifford Barney 1876–1972 American Writer L
Frank A. Barnhart b. ? American Actor, producer, director G
Andrew Barr b. 1973 Australian Politician G
Jean Barraqué 1928–1973 French Classical music composer G
Amanda Barrett b. ? American Pop musician L
Amanda Barrie b. 1935 English Actress B
John Barrowman b. 1967 Scottish Actor G
Drew Barrymore b. 1975 American Actress B
Michael Barrymore b. 1952 English Entertainer G
Richmond Barthé 1901–1989 American Sculptor G
Paul Bartel 1938–2000 American Actor, writer, director G
Roland Barthes 1915–1980 French Literary theorist G
Chris Bartlett b. 1966 American Activist G
Neil Bartlett b. 1958 English Playwright G
Jason Bartlett b. ? American Politician G
Lance Bass b. 1979 American Pop musician G
Bruce Bastian b. 1948 American Businessman G
Alan Bates 1934–2003 English Actor B
Katharine Lee Bates 1859–1929 American Songwriter L
Baton Bob b. ? American Performance artist G
Bryan Batt b. 1963 American Actor G
Deborah Batts b. 1947 American Federal District Judge L
Robert Bauman b. 1937 American Politician G
Bruce Bawer b. 1956 American Writer G
Meredith Baxter b. 1947 American Actress L
Howard Bayless b. ? American Politician G
Jaime Bayly b. 1965 Peruvian Writer B
Gary Beach b. 1947 American Actor G
Rikki Beadle-Blair b. 1962 English Actor, writer G
Simon Russell Beale b. 1961 English Actor G
Billy Bean b. 1964 American Baseball player G
James Beard 1903–1985 American Chef and food writer G
Amanda Bearse b. 1958 American Actress, director L
Cecil Beaton 1904–1980 English Photographer G
Bianca Beauchamp b. 1977 Canadian Adult model B
William Lygon, 7th Earl Beauchamp 1872–1938 British Peer of the Realm, Liberal politician, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports B
Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu b. 1926 British Peer of the Realm, Conservative politician, founder of National Motor Museum B
Binkie Beaumont 1908–1973 British Theatre manager, producer G
Simone de Beauvoir 1908–1986 French Author, philosopher B
Alison Bechdel 1960 American Cartoonist L
Martha Beck 1962 American Sociologist and life coach L
Volker Beck 1960 German Politician G
Albrecht Becker 1906–2002 German Photographer G
Antoine Bédard b. 1978 Canadian Musician G
Sybille Bedford 1911–2006 English Writer B
Lucius Beebe 1902–1966 American Photographer, railroad historian G
Eve Beglarian b. 1958 American Contemporary classical music performer-composer L
Chad Beguelin b. 1969 American Playwright and lyricist G .
Brendan Behan 1923–1964 Irish Author, poet, playwright G
Aphra Behn 1640–1689 English Writer B
Frieda Belinfante 1904–1995 Dutch Classical musician and conductor, member of the Dutch resistance L
Andy Bell b. 1964 English Rock musician (Erasure) G
Arthur Bell ?–1984 American Journalist (Village Voice); founding member of the Gay Activists Alliance G
Simone Bell b. ? American Politician L
Jason Bellini b. ? American Journalist G
Paul Bellini b. 1963 Canadian Comedy writer G
Linda Bellos b. 1950 English Black and LGBT activist, former London politician. L
Sotiria Bellou 1921–1997 Greek Rebetiko musician L
Birgitt Bender b. 1956 German Politician L
Bruce Benderson b. 1946 American Writer G
Fernando Bengoechea 1965–2004 Brazilian Photographer G
Alan Bennett b. 1934 English Author, actor G
Bryce Bennett b. 1984 American Politician G
Jill Bennett b. 1975 American Actress L
Michael Bennett 1943–1987 American Creator, director, and choreographer of A Chorus Line G
Trevor Bentham b. 1943 English Screenwriter, partner of actor Nigel Hawthorne G
Gladys Bentley 1907–1960 American Blues musician L
Anita Berber 1899–1928 German Dancer, actress B
A. Scott Berg b. 1949 American Writer G
Marianne Berg b. 1954 Swedish Politician L
Helmut Berger b. 1944 Austrian Actor B
Cyrano de Bergerac 1619–1655 French French dramatist and duelist G .
David Bergman b. ? American Writer G
Kajsa Bergqvist b. 1976 Swedish High Jumper B
Humphry Berkeley 1926–1994 English Politician G
Nate Berkus b. 1971 American Interior designer G
Greg Berlanti b. 1972 American Television writer and producer G
Josh Berman b. ? American Television writer, producer G
Rodney Berman b. 1969 Scottish Politician G
Leonard Bernstein 1918–1990 American Classical music conductor and composer B
Samuel Bernstein 1970 American Writer G
Michael Berresse b. 1964 American Actor, choreographer G
Al Berto 1948–1997 Portuguese Artist G
Betty Berzon 1928–2006 American Author, psychotherapist L
Sarah Bettens b. 1972 Belgian Rock musician L
Clive Betts b. 1950 English Politician G
Ole von Beust b. 1955 German Politician G
Thomas Bezucha b. 1964 American Screenwriter, director G
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