List of Fossil Birds - Neornithes - Coraciiformes


Rollers and allies. Probably paraphyletic.

  • Basal and unresolved forms
    • Quasisyndactylus (middle Eocene) – alcediniform, basal?
    • Cryptornis (Late Eocene) – bucerotid? geranopterid?
    • Coraciiformes gen. et spp. indet. PQ 1216, QU 15640 (Late Eocene) – 2 species
    • Protornis (Oligocene) – basal to motmotids and meropids?
  • Geranopteridae
    • Geranopterus (Late Eocene – Early Miocene) – includes "Nupharanassa" bohemica
  • Eocoraciidae
    • Eocoracias (middle Eocene)
  • Primobucconidae
    • Primobucco (Early – middle Eocene)
  • Todidae – Todies
    • Palaeotodus (Late Eocene of France – Early Oligocene of WC Europe and Wyoming)
  • Motmotidae – Motmots
    • Placement unresolved
      • Momotidae gen. et sp. indet. (Late Miocene)
  • Messelirrisoridae
    • Messelirrisor (middle Eocene)
  • Bucerotidae – Hornbills
    • Euroceros (Late Miocene of Hadzhidimovo, Bulgaria)
    • Extant genera present in the fossil record
      • Bucorvus

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